Martin and Irwin are the chefs under the instructions of our Head Chef Stefano from Abruzzo(Italy), international chef, member of ACF (American Chefs Federation), owner of the awarded  restaurant “Capitano Corelli” in Ireland Co.Louth. They said the following about him:

Richard Muscat(ambassador of Malta in Ireland)”….Stefano provided his services in entertaining the Malta Embassy guests during its official occasions, his characteristic approach and organisational skills were appreciated by my former colleagues and visiting Maltese government delegations”;

Jerome McAteers(owner of The Food House restaurant in Dundalk Ireland)…..”thankfully my business is still going srong and I strongly believe it was the assistance and guidance of Stefano that kept us on the right path”

John Keane(director of Ardmore U.K.)….”Stefano meets and exceed expectations with preparation, style and attention to detail….there is no other single individual who can meet his level of expertise and performance”

Chef Caputo(owner of L’Angoletto Restaurant in Rome)….”Stefano’s gift is an extraordinary culinary knowledge, including creating modern and traditional dishes, and his emphasis on professionalism!!!”

Mr Hughes (owner of the Porterhouse in Dublin Ireland and New York….”would be of great value to any business, new or established…we believe him to be an individual of exceptional ability in his field”

Mr Frank Coniglio(  Palm Beach Florida)…” Stefano has a level of distinction that is substantially greater than one ordinarily encounters”….