LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • timeline of united states inventions before 1890

    while experiencing great difficulty in using his standard vernier compass in order to detect deposits of iron ore in the northwest territory present-day wisconsin , burt devised the solar compass so that garbled readings of the earth's magnetic field and north–south survey lines would be easier to find.

  • list of chinese inventions

    cupola furnace: american anthropologist vincent c. pigott of the university of pennsylvania states that the cupola furnace existed in china at least by the warring states period 403–221 bc , while donald b. wagner writes that some iron ore melted in the blast furnace may have been cast directly into molds, but most, if not all, iron smelted in the blast furnace during the han dynasty 202 bc – 220 ad was remelted in a cupola furnace; it was designed so that a cold blast injected at the .

  • steelmaking

    steelmaking is the process of producing steel from iron ore and/or scrap. in steelmaking, impurities such as nitrogen , silicon , phosphorus , sulfur and excess carbon most important impurity are removed from the sourced iron, and alloying elements such as manganese , nickel , chromium , carbon and vanadium are added to produce different grades of steel .

  • iron ii sulfate

    iron ii sulfate british english: iron ii sulphate or ferrous sulfate denotes a range of salts with the formula fe so 4 ·xh 2 o. these compounds exist most commonly as the heptahydrate x = 7 but are known for several values of x.the hydrated form is used medically to treat iron deficiency, and also for industrial applications.

  • wikipedia:featured article review/archive/may 2007

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  • antimony

    antimony is a silvery, lustrous gray metalloid with a mohs scale hardness of 3, which is too soft to make hard objects; coins of antimony were issued in china's guizhou province in 1931 but the durability was poor and the minting was soon discontinued. antimony is resistant to attack by acids.

  • thomas franklin fairfax millard

    thomas franklin fairfax millard born july 8, 1868 in missouri; died september 7, 1942 in seattle, washington was an american journalist, newspaper editor, founder of the china weekly review, author of seven influential books on the far east and first american political adviser to the chinese republic, serving for over fifteen years. millard was 'the founding father of american journalism in .

  • wikipedia:reference desk/archives/humanities/october 2005

    barry, our article on wilfred owen ecplores this in some depth including his relationship with vidal sassoon siegfried would also be worth checking out the references at the bottom of the wilfred owen article for more information. capitalistroadster 11:50, 26 september 2005 utc . i think you meant siegfried sassoon there, a slight difference

  • chinese industrialization

    the puddling process of smelting iron ore to make wrought iron from pig iron, with the right illustration displaying men working a blast furnace, from the tiangong kaiwu encyclopedia, 1637. western historians debate whether bloomery-based ironworking ever spread to china from the middle east. around 500 bc, however, metalworkers in the southern state of wu developed an iron smelting technology .

  • posco

    posco formerly pohang iron and steel company is a south korean steel-making company headquartered in pohang, south korea. it had an output of 42 million tonnes of crude steel in 2015, making it the world's fourth-largest steelmaker by this measure. in 2010, it was the world's largest steel manufacturing company by market value.

  • mining in north korea

    mining in north korea is important to the country's economy. north korea is naturally abundant in metals such as magnesite , zinc , tungsten , and iron ; with magnesite resources of 6 billion tonnes second largest in the world , particularly in the hamgyeong-do and jagang-do provinces.