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  • media queries not working on smartphone - stack overflow

    thanks to coderomeos' hint, i could fix the issue like so: instead of media only screen and max-width: 566px . i used: media only .

  • samsung folding phone to launch after screen problem delay - abc .

    sep 5, 2019 . samsung says it will start selling its highly anticipated folding phone on friday, after its original launch date was delayed by months because of .

  • big-screen phones are becoming a problem and foldable displays .

    big-screen phones are becoming a problem and foldable displays aren't the solution . i solved this problem by getting a phone with a slightly smaller screen.

  • the big problem with phone screen protectors– pela case

    no more awkward sizing and fitting issues while putting your screen protector on your phone. just one vial of canopy will give you enough liquid to protect 3 .

  • if your phone won't turn on or has a black or frozen screen .

    if the issue persists, contact oppo support team, or take your phone, proof of purchase and warranty card to a nearby oppo customer service center for .

  • media queries not working properly on mobile - stack overflow

    it is because of your media queries. try doing somethign along these lines: media all and max-width:736px services margin-top:60px; // the height of .

  • what are some common laptop screen problems?

    some common laptop screen problems include too big or too small font size, icons and screen, no display, at times with horizontal or vertical lines across the screen. displays can also be blurry with corrupted colors, have issues with brightness, contrast and geometrical alignment, reports a support article at more≫

  • samsung screen flickering: here's how to fix it – techville – gta's .

    mar 9, 2019 . if your phone doesn't show any of these flickering issues, then there could be another underlying problem. what causes screen flickering?

  • parents' screen time is hurting kids - the atlantic

    aug 15, 2018 . even so, emerging research suggests that a key problem remains . some of the newer interactive games kids play on phones or tablets may .

  • screen overlay detected blocks android permissions - stack overflow

    i've noticed a strange issue with my android app on my new phone. sdk 23 permission popups like external storage are blocked by the attached alert below. i .

  • big-screen phones are becoming a problem and foldable displays .

    mar 2, 2020 . the samsung galaxy s20 ultra is the latest android phone to push the limits of comfortability, but it's hardly the only culprit. and it's becoming a .

  • android touch screen lags when connected with usb - stack overflow

    if i plug phone out, everything is back to the normal. the problem doesn't appear when i'm charging my phone with a charger, from the socket. i .

  • sensor - unable to detect shake event when my phones screen is off .

    oct 11, 2012 . now my question is that 'is this the android feature that the device does not detects a shake event when the screen is lock/off ?'. if it is, then .

  • android: allow portrait and landscape for tablets, but force portrait on .

    everything else phones, pretty much will be portrait only. . you can try this way first get the screen size of the device if getresources . . old question i know.

  • mobile phone display not working fix touch screen black / blank

    may 27, 2019 . mobile phone display not working problem and solution. learn how to fix touch screen black / blank if you dropped or phone is on but .

  • how to fix apple iphone 6 plus screen flickering and other relevant .

    apr 7, 2020 . what could possibly cause your phone screen flickering issue? device issues are categorized into two types — software-related and hardware- .

  • android emulator screen fills up only some fraction part of actual .

    i was having the same problem too. i think it started happening when i updated to android studio 3.0 beta 1, but i'm not sure of that.

  • twitter bootstrap modal on mobile devices - stack overflow

    edit: an unofficial bootstrap modal modification has been built to address responsive/mobile issues. this is perhaps the simplest and easiest way to remedy the .

  • 2 easy ways to fix a frozen mobile phone with pictures - wikihow

    while there are many things that might contribute to your phone being frozen, a simple restart or update will usually fix the problem.. . if your iphone isn't responding to your power button or screen taps, you can force your iphone to restart.

  • problems adjusting site resolution to mobile device screen size .

    have you tried removing the initial-scale=1.0 and just have your viewport as: . and then .

  • problem with app layout for phones with different screen densities .

    add this attribute to your textview in xml app:autosizetexttype='uniform' this will resize the text size to fit the textview area

  • what are some common computer screen problems?

    common computer screen problems are stuck or dead pixels, transient persistence also known as residual images, blank or blurry display and monitor producing flickering lines or waves. when a pixel does not receive a voltage, it remains black and unresponsive. this is the dead more≫

  • android - prevent white screen at startup - stack overflow

    the problem with white background is caused because of android's cold start while the app loads to memory, and it can be avoided with this: public class .

  • mediaplayer or ringtone doesn't start playing when the screen is .

    i know what the problem was. i was stopping the mediaplayer in onpause and it was called before the activity got visible i don't know why .

  • bad grounded charger and touch screen issues - stack overflow

    if the issue happens when the phone is not connected to the charger then it is not bad grounding,. bad grounding allows induced electronic .

  • 5 tips to fix samsung touch screen not working easily – imobie

    mar 20, 2020 . force reboot your samsung phone. if you are facing an issue with touchscreen not working samsung then force reboot is a sensible option. for .

  • onlocationchanged not working while phone screen is locked .

    oct 8, 2019 . when you lock the phone your activity gets paused, to get location in background you need to use service there are so many resources to get .

  • fix a screen that isn't working right on android - android help

    showing dead pixels; blank. step 1: check your phone's screen. important: after trying each recommended solution, check to see whether it fixed your issue .