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mees lines poisoning

  • white spots on nails: causes, prevention, and treatment

    may 17, 2017 . these are also sometimes called mees lines. patches of . some forms of poisoning or medication can also cause leukonychia. this cause is .

  • mees' lines associated with heart failure qjm: an international .

    sep 24, 2018 . transverse white lines of the nails can occur with different etiologies, including chemotherapy, arsenic poisoning, paraquat, trauma, or systemic .

  • forensic medicine - mcq 49 - 'mees' lines and rain drop . - pg blazer

    'mees' lines in the nails and rain drop pigmentation of skin are characteristic of arsenic poisoning. treatment of choice – freshly precipitated hydrated ferric .

  • mees' lines - an overview sciencedirect topics

    mees' lines are a change that occurs in the color of the nail with no palpable ridges, typically described as white . mees' lines secondary to arsenic poisoning.

  • the hand examination stanford medicine 25 stanford medicine

    narrow while transverse lines not depressed, compared to beau's lines . . it is strongly associated with arsenic poisoning, thallium poisoning and to a lesser .

  • what are the symptoms of blood poisoning?

    a person suffering from sepsis, or blood poisoning, may feel weak, confused or feverish and experience chills, rapid breathing and an increase in heart rate, according to healthline. physically, the person's skin may appear pale and develop red spots. as symptoms worsen, blood poisoning can cause a person to go into septic shock and interfere with normal more≫

  • mees' lines - wikipedia

    mees' lines appear after an episode of poisoning with arsenic, thallium or other heavy metals or selenium, and can also appear if the subject is suffering from .

  • reasons for white lines on the nails

    mees lines are most often caused by arsenic poisoning. they can also be due to other toxins, such as carbon monoxide or lead, some medications and certain .

  • arsenic poisoning and mees' lines - ncbi

    jun 1, 2016 . 3 mees' lines are prominent transverse white lines in finger or toe nails due to arsenic deposition in keratin rich tissues. they take some 3–6 .

  • mees' line following chemotherapy sunil kumar, sanjay .

    other causes of mees' lines are arsenic and thallium intoxication, carbon monoxide poisoning, hodgkin's disease, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, .

  • mees' lines: a clue for the diagnosis of arsenic poisoning jama .

    mees' lines are true transverse bands of leukonychia seen during ap. however, they are seldom demonstrated in these patients. in the last 8 years, we have seen .

  • the forensic autopsy springerlink

    criminal poisoning pp 83-86 cite as . or aldrich-mees lines white bands on the nails that indicate chronic exposure to heavy metals such as arsenic see fig.

  • mees lines definition of mees lines by medical dictionary

    horizontal white bands of the nails seen in chronic arsenical poisoning, and occasionally in leprosy. synonym s : mees stripes. farlex partner medical dictionary  .

  • arsenic toxicity arsenicism, arsenicosis, arsenical keratoses .

    mees' lines are symmetric 1-2 mm white transverse lines affecting most fingernails. expected results of diagnostic studies. hair and nail analysis can be the most .

  • white nail dermnet nz

    . leukonychia: one or more white horizontal bands across the entire nail in parallel with the lunula, and are also called mees' lines. . poisoning and drugs.

  • aldrich mees lines medcampus

    aldrich mees lines. also called leukonychia striata . causes. arsenic poisoning; thallium; renal failure; chemotherapy patients. clap 34. bookmark. facebook.

  • what is alcohol poisoning?

    alcohol poisoning is an excessive amount of alcohol in the blood that results from overconsumption of alcohol within a short time period, according to medical news today. it is a serious condition that requires immediate medical more≫

  • what are the symptoms of sun poisoning?

    some symptoms of sun poisoning include blistering, swelling, redness of the skin and dehydration. sun poisoning refers to a condition in which the sun's ultraviolet rays damage the skin, notes more≫

  • evaluation of nail lines: color and shape hold clues cleveland .

    may 1, 2016 . they can also be used to identify the time of poisoning, since they tend to appear 2 months after the initial insult. mees lines are also associated .

  • mees' lines in high altitude mountaineering bmj case reports

    mees' and beau's lines move distally with nail growth. mees', beau's and muehrcke's lines are associated with systemic illness, trauma, poisoning, medications .

  • nail abnormalities: clues to systemic disease - american family .

    mar 15, 2004 . classically associated with arsenic poisoning, mees' lines are transverse white bands that frequently affect multiple nails, although they also may .

  • heavy metals, nails - mayo clinic laboratories neurology catalog

    several weeks after exposure, transverse white striae, called mees' lines, . hindmarsh jt, mccurdy rf: clinical and environmental aspects of arsenic toxicity.

  • arsenic poisoning and mees lines. courtesy of r. pascuzzi, md .

    download scientific diagram arsenic poisoning and mees lines. courtesy of r. pascuzzi, md, indianapolis, in. from publication: heavy metal poisoning: .

  • arsenic poisoning & beau's lines and mees lines & peripheral .

    arsenic poisoning & beau's lines and mees lines & peripheral neuropathy symptom checker: possible causes include acute arsenic poisoning. check the full .

  • nailing nail pathology: primary care case challenge - medscape

    jun 19, 2018 . vega: figure 4 below shows mees lines, which are also horizontal. . way, because mees lines are associated with arsenic poisoning.

  • mees' lines -

    differential diagnosis of mees' lines are arsenic poisoning, hodgkin's disease, congestive heart failure, leprosy, malaria, chemotherapy, carbon monoxide .

  • thallium poisoning. what is thallium poisoning? symptoms patient

    jun 23, 2015 . one month after the poisoning, mees' lines transverse white lines on the nails appear in the nail plate. they also occur in arsenic poisoning .

  • guidelines for arsenic-final - florida department of health

    however, mees lines are not commonly seen; of 74 patients with acute and chronic arsenic poisoning, mees lines occurred in only 5% of the patients. respiratory .

  • diagnosis: chronic arsenic poisoning : emergency medicine news

    the patient's nails demonstrate mees' lines white transverse striations across the nails , which are characteristic though not specifically diagnostic for chronic .