LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • metal stitching

    metal stitching is an industrial technique for repairing cracked and broken cast iron, steel, bronze or aluminium structures and their components.the process is carried out cold, without allows the repair of cast iron and cast steel, often in-situ, without the distortion from welding, and can be used in other situations where heat cannot be used to achieve a repair.

  • glossary of underwater diving terminology

    copper helmet see also: standard diving dress a diving helmet of traditional design and construction, usually made from spun or beaten copper, with brass or bronze fittings.

  • coin

    a coin is a small, flat, usually, depending on the country or value round piece of metal or plastic used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender.they are standardized in weight, and produced in large quantities at a mint in order to facilitate trade. they are most often issued by a government.coins often have images, numerals, or text on them.

  • dumpster diving

    dumpster diving also totting, skipping, skip diving or skip salvage, is salvaging from large commercial, residential, industrial and construction containers for unused items discarded by their owners, but deemed useful to the picker. it is not confined to dumpsters and skips specifically, and may cover standard waste containers, curb sides, landfills or small dumps.

  • sewing machine

    a sewing machine is a machine used to sew fabric and other materials together with thread.sewing machines were invented during the first industrial revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies. since the invention of the first working sewing machine, generally considered to have been the work of elias howe, and englishman thomas saint in 1790, the .

  • talk:che guevara/all-16to20

    article closed for 5 days. i feel this was a good decision as the ongoing vandalism by mattisse was becoming hard to control. hopefully in the next few days those editors who are interested in working collaboratively on the article, free of harassing other members, will make their suggestions known.

  • kitwe

    kitwe was founded in 1936 in north-central zambia as the railway was being built by cecil rhodes' company. it was first established as an adjunct, non-mining-related but supportive part of an expanding copper-mining centre at nkana. the expanding copper mines at nkana made it the dominant centre in the region and kitwe started building up its .

  • metalworking

    prehistory. the oldest archaeological evidence of copper mining and working was the discovery of a copper pendant in northern iraq from 8,700 bce. the earliest substantiated and dated evidence of metalworking in the americas was the processing of copper in wisconsin, near lake michigan.copper was hammered until it became brittle, then heated so it could be worked further.

  • balance wheel

    a balance wheel, or balance, is the timekeeping device used in mechanical watches and some clocks, analogous to the pendulum in a pendulum is a weighted wheel that rotates back and forth, being returned toward its center position by a spiral torsion spring, the balance spring or hairspring. it is driven by the escapement, which transforms the rotating motion of the watch gear train .

  • greenside mine

    greenside mine sometimes referred to as greenside lead mine was a successful lead mine in the lake district of england. between 1825 and 1961 the mine produced 156,000 long tons 159,000 tonnes of lead and 1,600,000 ounces 45 tonnes of silver, from around 2 million tons of ore.

  • flux metallurgy

    in metallurgy, a flux derived from latin fluxus meaning 'flow' is a chemical cleaning agent, flowing agent, or purifying agent. fluxes may have more than one function at a time. they are used in both extractive metallurgy and metal joining. some of the earliest known fluxes were carbonate of soda, potash, charcoal, coke, borax, lime, lead sulfide and certain minerals containing phosphorus.

  • lead

    copper alloys with larger concentrations of lead are used in bearings. the lead provides lubrication, and the copper provides the load-bearing support. lead's high density, atomic number, and formability form the basis for use of lead as a barrier that absorbs sound, vibration, and radiation.

  • wikipedia:reference desk/archives/august 2005 ii

    we have the mining and strip mining articles. let us know if these links help you find what you need. --happycamper 06:47, 9 august 2005 utc there is also surface mining, which clearly needs to be merged with strip mining. james 06:48, august 9, 2005 utc merged strip mining into the surface mining article as strip mining is a form of .

  • p&h mining

    p&h equipment and minepro support are primarily directed to copper, coal, iron ore, oil sand, gold, diamonds and phosphate mining operations in order of product and service demand. minepro service support includes new machine assembly, maintenance and repairs, systems upgrades, machine relocations, motors and transmissions rebuilds and repairs, structures weldments and repairs, and training .