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separating chromium from chromite

  • potassium dichromate

    potassium dichromate, k 2 cr 2 o 7, is a common inorganic chemical reagent, most commonly used as an oxidizing agent in various laboratory and industrial applications. as with all hexavalent chromium compounds, it is acutely and chronically harmful to health. it is a crystalline ionic solid with a very bright, red-orange color. the salt is .

  • lead ii chromate

    lead ii chromate may also be known as chrome yellow, chromic acid lead ii salt, canary chrome yellow 40-2250, holtint middle chrome, chrome green, chrome green uc61, chrome green uc74, chrome green uc76, chrome lemon, crocoite, dianichi chrome yellow g, lemon yellow, king's yellow, leipzig yellow, lemon yellow, paris yellow, pigment green 15, plumbous chromate, pure lemon chrome l3gs, and various other names.

  • chromate and dichromate

    the primary chromium ore is the mixed metal oxide chromite, fecr 2 o 4, found as brittle metallic black crystals or granules. chromite ore is heated with a mixture of calcium carbonate and sodium carbonate in the presence of air. the chromium is oxidized to the hexavalent form, while the iron forms iron iii oxide, fe 2 o 3:

  • nickel ii chromate

    the structure of nickel chromate is the same as for chromium vanadate, crvo 4. crystals have an orthorhombic structure with unit cell sizes a=5.482 å, b=8.237 å, c=6.147 å. the cell volume is 277.6 å 3 with four formula per unit cell. nickel chromate is dark in colour, unlike most other chromates which are yellow.

  • operation chromite film

    operation chromite korean: 인천상륙작전; hanja: 仁川上陸作戰; rr: incheon sangnyuk jakjeon is a 2016 south korean war drama film directed by john h. lee and based on the real-life events of the battle of inchon, although it presents a fictionalized version of the historical cia/us military intelligence operation 'trudy jackson .

  • chromate conversion coating

    chromate conversion coating is a type of conversion coating used to passivate steel, aluminium, zinc, cadmium, copper, silver, magnesium, and tin alloys. it is primarily used as a corrosion inhibitor, primer, decorative finish, or to retain electrical conductivity.the process is named after the chromate found in chromic acid, also known as hexavalent chromium, the chemical most widely used in .

  • sodium chromate

    sodium chromate is the inorganic compound with the formula na 2 cro 4. it exists as a yellow hygroscopic solid, which can form tetra-, hexa-, and decahydrates. it is an intermediate in the extraction of chromium from its ores. sodium chromate, like other hexavalent chromium compounds, is toxic and carcinogenic.

  • chromium iii picolinate

    chromium iii picolinate crpic 3 is a chemical compound sold as a nutritional supplement to treat type 2 diabetes and promote weight loss. this bright-red coordination compound is derived from chromium iii and picolinic acid.small quantities of chromium are needed for glucose utilization by insulin in normal health, but deficiency is extremely rare and has only been observed in people .

  • chromitite

    the chromium rich garnet uvarovite forms in interbedded layers with chromitite. chromitite is the main economic source for the mining of chromite and subsequent source of the metal chromium. references. guilbert, john m. and charles f. park, jr., 1986, the geology of ore deposits, freeman isbn 0-7167-1456-6

  • chromite compound

    for compounds containing an oxyanion of chromium in oxidation state 3; for other compounds of chromium iii as a means of distinguishing a chemical species such as hexacyanochromite iii . cr cn 6 3− from an analogous compound in which chromium is a different oxidation state. the mineral chromite is an iron chromium oxide with empirical .

  • copper chromite

    copper chromite is an inorganic compound with the formula cu 2 cr 2 o 5. it is a black solid that is used to catalyze reactions in organic synthesis. history. the material was first described in 1908. the catalyst was developed in north america by homer burton .

  • talk:chromate and dichromate

    separate and improve? i suggest separating chromate and dichromate into two articles. they also both need a polish and more information. bob782 13:50, 6 february 2008 utc i have decided to move this article to chromate and dichromate, because this is the main article covering both. because of their interconversion, these two species are .

  • potassium chromate

    potassium chromate is the inorganic compound with the formula k 2 cro 4 . this yellow solid is the potassium salt of the chromate anion. it is a common laboratory chemical, whereas sodium chromate is important industrially. 2 production and reactions.

  • iron ii chromite

    iron ii chromite is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula fecr 2 o 4. preparation. it is created by the sintering of chromium iii oxide and iron ii oxide at 1600 c. it also occurs in nature as the mineral chromite, though with many impurities. uses. it is used as a commercial source .

  • chromium iii sulfate

    the hydrated salts of chromium sulfate can also be produced, albeit impure, by extraction of various other chromium compounds, but these routes are not economically viable.. extraction of chromite ore with sulfuric acid in the presence of some chromate gives solutions of chromium iii sulfate contaminated with other metal ions. similarly .