LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • humayun

    when humayun came to the throne of the mughal empire, several of his brothers revolted against him.another brother khalil mirza 1509–1530 supported humayun but was assassinated. the emperor commenced construction of a tomb for his brother in 1538, but this was not yet finished when humayun was forced to flee to persia.

  • balarama

    balarama is an ancient deity, a prominent one by the epics era of indian history as evidenced by archeological and numismatic evidence. his iconography appears with nāga many-headed serpent , a plough and other farm artifacts such as a watering pot, possibly indicating his origins in a bucolic, agricultural culture. balarama's legend appears in many parva books of the mahabharata.

  • 1988

    the birchandra manu massacre occurs in tripura, india. october 19 – the united kingdom bans broadcast interviews with ira members. the bbc gets around this stricture through the use of professional actors. october 20 – the los angeles dodgers won 4 games to 1 in the 1988 world series against the oakland athletics.

  • aravali biodiversity park, gurgaon

    the site where the aravali biodiversity park, gurgaon, is located had many mining pits operating during the 1980s and 1990s, and also a stone crushing zone with eight active crushers. mining and stone crushing came to a halt after a supreme court ban in 2002, implemented only since 2009.

  • indian campn of alexander the great

    background sources. of those who accompanied alexander to india, aristobulus, onesicritus, and nearchus wrote about the indian campn. the only surviving contemporary account of alexander's indian campn is a report of the voyage of the naval commander nearchus, who was tasked with exploring the coast between the indus river and the persian gulf. this report is preserved in arrian's .

  • haryana environment protection council

    haryana environment protection council or hepc is an advisory committee formed in 2006 to advise the ministry of environment, govt. of haryana on environment issues. it is headquartered at chandigarh.the committee was scheduled to be reconstituted in year 2011.

  • bankura district

    bankura district was inhabited by various proto-australoid and a few proto-dravidian tribes in later pre-historic times as well as aryanised or assimilated with the people and culture of the proto-indo-european group, who prevailed in northern india, substantially later than rest of bengal. these developments took place over many centuries through both conflict and cordiality.

  • petrosomatoglyph

    a petrosomatoglyph is a supposed image of parts of a human or animal body in rock. they occur all over the world, often functioning as an important form of symbolism, used in religious and secular ceremonies, such as the crowning of kings.