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chittagong bangladesh sheet

  • upazila

    upazila bengali: উপজেলা, lit. 'sub-district' pronounced: upôjela , formerly called thana, is an administrative region in bangladesh. they function as sub-units of districts.their functionality can be seen to be analogous to that of a county or a borough of western countries. rural upazilas are further administratively divided into union council areas union parishads .

  • chittagong-8

    boundaries. the constituency encompasses chittagong city corporation wards 3 through 7, and all but one union parishad of boalkhali upazila: sreepur kharandwip.. history. the constituency was created for the first general elections in newly independent bangladesh, held in 1973.

  • demographics of bangladesh

    bangladesh's tribal population was enumerated at 897,828 in the 1981 census. these tribes are concentrated in the chittagong hill tracts and around mymensingh, sylhet, and rajshahi. they are of sino-tibetan descent and differ markedly in their social customs, religion, and level of development.

  • list of cities and towns in bangladesh

    dhaka is by far the largest urban area as well as the largest metropolitan area in bangladesh. chittagong is the second largest city and urban area in bangladesh as well as second largest metropolitan in bangladesh while khulna is the third largest metropolitan in bangladesh. other major cities with a population of more than 300,000 include .

  • chittagong ship breaking yard

    chittagong ship breaking yard is located in faujdarhat, sitakunda upazila, bangladesh along the 18 kilometres 11 mi sitakunda coastal strip, 20 kilometres 12 mi north-west of chittagong. handling about a fifth of the world's total, it is the world's largest ship breaking yard, employs over 200,000 bangladeshis, and accounts for around one-half of all the steel in bangladesh.

  • demographics of bangladesh

    bangladesh previously east pakistan between 1947 and 1971 and east bengal before 1947 is largely ethnically homogeneous, and its name derives from the bengali ethno-linguistic group which comprises 98% of the population. the chittagong hill tracts, sylhet, mymensingh and north bengal divisions are home to diverse indigenous peoples. there are .

  • karnaphuli

    chittagong is situated on the banks of the karnaphuli river between the chittagong hill tracts and the bay of bengal. the city is a noteworthy seaside seaport city and monetary focus in southeastern bangladesh. the chittagong metropolitan area has a populace of more than 6.5 million, making it the second biggest city in bangladesh. it is the .

  • 1991 bangladesh cyclone

    the 1991 bangladesh cyclone imd designation: bob 01, jtwc designation: 02b was among the deadliest tropical cyclones on record. on the night of april 29, 1991, it struck the chittagong district of southeastern bangladesh with winds of around 250 km/h 155 mph . the storm forced a 6-metre 20 ft storm surge inland over a wide area, killing at .

  • chittagong

    chittagong / tʃ ɪ t ə ɡ ɒ ŋ / , officially known as chattogram bengali: চট্টগ্রাম , is a major coastal city and financial centre in southeastern bangladesh.the city has a population of more than 2.5 million while the metropolitan area had a population of 4,009,423 in 2011, making it the second-largest city in the country. it is the capital of an eponymous district and .

  • geography of bangladesh

    the physical geography of bangladesh is varied and has an area characterised by two distinctive features: a broad deltaic plain subject to frequent flooding, and a small hilly region crossed by swiftly flowing rivers. the country has an area of 147,610 square kilometres 56,990 sq mi and extends 820 kilometres 510 mi north to south and 600 kilometres 370 mi east to west.

  • 2019–20 chittagong abahani season

    the 2019–20 chittagong abahani season is the club's 40th season since its establishment in 1980 and their 10th season in the bangladesh premier league.this also remarks their sixth consecutive season in the top flight after getting promoted in 2014.

  • 1994 bangladesh cyclone

    the bangladesh red crescent society sent volunteers to warn about the storm's arrival. about 450,000 people evacuated ahead of the storm, utilizing about 900 brick shelters built since 1991. airlines canceled flights in and out of chittagong. the bangladesh air force evacuated planes away from chittagong, having lost 44 aircraft in the 1991 storm.

  • chittagong general hospital

    chittagong general hospital aka chittagong 250 bed general hospital is a public hospital in chittagong, has two hundred and fifty bed facility. it has been an affiliated hospital of chittagong medical college since 1959.. history. general hospital was mainly established as a dispensary in 1840, and after developed into a hospital on the rangmahal hill in andarkilla, chittagong.

  • chittagong urea fertilizer limited

    chittagong urea fertilizer limited was built in 1987 in rangadia, anwara upazila, chittagong district, bangladesh. it was built by the japanese toyo engineering corporation. the factory has a capacity to produce 1700 tonnes of urea and 1000 tonnes of ammonia per day.

  • 10-truck arms and ammunition haul in chittagong

    the incident of the 10-truck arms and ammunition haul took place in chittagong, bangladesh, on the night of 1 april 2004, when police and coast guard interrupted the loading of 10 trucks and seized extensive illegal arms and ammunition at a jetty of chittagong urea fertilizer limited cufl on the karnaphuli river.this is believed to be the largest arms smuggling incident in the history of .

  • port of chittagong

    after the partition of british india, the governor general of the dominion of pakistan, muhammad ali jinnah, visited chittagong and stressed its importance and future potential. the chittagong port trust was formed in east pakistan in 1960. 100 employees of the chittagong port were killed during the bangladesh liberation war in 1971.

  • bengal

    the lawachara national park is a rainforest in northeastern bangladesh. the chittagong hill tracts in southeastern bangladesh is noted for its high degree of biodiversity. the littoral sundarbans in the southwestern part of bengal is the largest mangrove forest in the world and a unesco world heritage site. the region has over 89 species of mammals, 628 species of birds and numerous species of .

  • history of chittagong

    chittagong renamed by the government of bangladesh: chattogram has been a seaport since ancient times. the region was home to the ancient bengali buddhist samatatah and harikelah states. it later fell under of the rule of the gupta empire, the pala empire and the vesali kingdom of arakan till the 7th century. arabs traded with the port from the 9th century ad.

  • 1988 chittagong massacre

    chittagong massacre refers to a massacre of opposition activists in chittagong on january 24 of 1988. the activists of awami league who were rallying in the streets of chittagong that day were attacked by the police during the regime of autocratic ruler hussain muhammad ershad.the then chittagong metropolitan police commissioner mirza rakibul huda ordered the police to open fire on the rally .

  • economy of chittagong

    the economy of chittagong is one of the largest and most rapidly growing economies in bangladesh. as of 2014, chittagong is home of some of bangladesh's and the world's top corporations. chittagong is the second largest and the port-city of bangladesh. it has the busiest port in south asia. chittagong is the export hub of bangladesh and it .