LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

bhel casting forging products

  • smith-clayton forge ltd.

    smith-clayton forge ltd were a company specialising in drop forgings that was established in 1966 smith-clayton forge became a subsidiary of gkn and later was absorbed into british steel. it then become part of united engineering forgings uef which in 2000 and 2001 was sold on to wyman gordon and bifrangi, who now operate on the smith-clayton forge site.

  • contract manufacturer

    in an international context, establishing a foreign subsidiary as a contract manufacturer can have favorable tax benefits for the parent company, allowing them to reduce overall tax liabilities and increase profits, depending upon the activities of the contract manufacturer. this is a form of true protectionism.

  • bowling iron works

    the bowling iron works was an iron working complex established around 1780 in the district of east bowling part of the township and manor of bowling, now in the southeast of bradford in yorkshire, england. the operation included mining coal and iron ore, smelting, refining, casting and forging to create finished products.

  • semi-solid metal casting

    semi-solid metal casting ssm is a near net shape variant of die casting. the process is used with non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper, and magnesium. the process combines the advantages of casting and forging. the process is named after the fluid property thixotropy, which is the phenomenon that allows this process to work.

  • forging

    forging has been done by smiths for millennia; the traditional products were kitchenware, hardware, hand tools, edged weapons, cymbals, and jewellery. since the industrial revolution , forged parts are widely used in mechanisms and machines wherever a component requires high strength ; such forgings usually require further processing such as machining to achieve a finished part.

  • lucchini rs

    lucchini rs is specialized on steel products such as railways products, steel casting, forgings, tool steels and forge ingots. the company headquarters is in brescia , but the main plant is located in lovere bergamo on the west shore of the iseo lake: the plant covers an area of 237,000 sqm including 147,000 sqm of factory buildings.

  • sheffield forgemasters

    sheffield forgemasters currently has the capacity for pouring the largest single casting 570 tonnes in europe. the two forging presses in use can exert a pressure of 3,500 tonnes and 10,000 tonnes on a billet of steel. the 3,500 tonne press was installed in 2010 to replace a 1,500 tonne press which dated back to 1897 and was originally steam .

  • ordnance factory muradnagar

    ordnance factory muradnagar आयुध निर्माणी मुरादनगर is a unit of the ordnance factories board, under ministry of defence, government of india.ofm is a seven trust steel casting unit of ofb. it specializes in alloy and steel castings - armoured as well as non-armoured, ammunition hardware, grey iron castings for ammunition hardware and moulds and open die .

  • hiduminium

    the hiduminium alloys or r.r. alloys are a series of high-strength, high-temperature aluminium alloys, developed for aircraft use by rolls-royce before world war ii. they were manufactured and later developed by high duty alloys ltd. the name hi-du-minium is derived from that of high duty aluminium alloys. the first of these hiduminium alloys was termed 'r.r.50'. this alloy was first developed for motor-racing pistons, and was only later adopted for aircraft engine use. it was a development of t

  • metal fabrication

    the end products of other common types of metalworking, such as machining, metal stamping, forging, and casting, may be similar in shape and function, but those processes are not classified as fabrication.

  • çimsataş

    the plant applies diverse high technologies for manufacturing such as green sand casting, no bake mold casting, closed-die forging, high speed machining, cad cam and heat treatment. products. in 1992, çimsaraş began producing air brakes for the automotive industry in turkey under the license of arvinmeritor.

  • chelyabinsk tractor plant

    the organisation includes foundry and forging facilities, metal engineering facilities cnc, lathes, heat treatment as well as construction and assembly workshops. as of 2011, chelyabinsk tractor plant produces wheeled and tracked tractors and related modified vehicles, and related parts, as well as tractor engines up to 1,000 hp 750 kw .

  • rays engineering

    rays engineering wheels are manufactured through two different processes: forging and casting. after each wheel is manufactured, the wheel goes through strenuous inspection before being packaged and shipped out. the following is a video showing each manufacturing process of a rays engineering wheel: rays engineering manufacturing process.

  • linamar

    linamar manufactures and supplies products to automotive and industrial markets. linamar has two divisions, powertrain/driveline and industrial. these are further divided into the areas of machining and assembly, light metal casting montupet , forging seissenschmidt , aerial work platforms skyjack , and agricultural equipment macdon and oros .

  • precision castparts corp.

    the structural casting business manufactures the largest-diameter, nickel-based super-alloy, titanium and stainless steel investment castings in the world. forged edit the forged products segment includes wyman-gordon , pcc energy group, titanium metals corporation timet , and special metals corporation and serves the aerospace and power generation markets.

  • dye penetrant inspection

    dye penetrant inspection dp , . lpi is used to detect casting, forging and welding surface defects such as hairline cracks, surface porosity, leaks in new products, and fatigue cracks on in-service components. history. the oil and whiting method used in the railroad industry in the early 1900s was the first recognized use of the principles of penetrants to detect cracks. the oil and whiting .

  • chelyabinsk tractor plant

    the chelyabinsk tractor plant was a project of the first five-year plan. the plant was founded in 1933; the first product was a 60 hp tracked tractor c-60 сталинец-60, stalinets-60 fueled by petroleum ether benzine . in 1937 the factory produced its first diesel-powered vehicle c-65 сталинец-65, stalinets-65 . by 1940 the plant had produced 100,000 tractors.

  • bellfounding

    bellfounding is the casting of bells in a foundry for use in churches, clocks, and public buildings. the term also usually includes the tuning of the bell. the process in east asia dates to about 2000 bc and in europe dates to the 4th or 5th century. in britain archaeological excavations of churchyards have revealed furnaces, which suggests that bells were often cast on site in pits dug in the building grounds or within the church. before the nineteenth century, bell founders tended to be itiner