LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • living machine

    living machine is a trademark and brand name for a patented form of ecological sewage treatment designed to mimic the cleansing functions of wetlands. similar to solar aquatics systems , 2 the latest generation of the technology is based on fixed-film ecology and the ecological processes of a natural tidal wetland, one of nature’s most productive ecosystems.

  • rammed earth

    edifices formed of rammed earth are on every continent except antarctica, in a range of environments including temperate, wet, semiarid desert, montane, and tropical regions. the availability of suitable soil and a building design appropriate for local climatic conditions are the factors that favour its use.

  • design

    design and engineering. in engineering, design is a component of the engineering process.many overlapping methods and processes can be seen when comparing product design, industrial design and engineering.the american heritage dictionary defines design as: 'to conceive or fashion in the mind; invent,' and 'to formulate a plan', and defines engineering as: 'the application of scientific and .

  • garden design

    a formal garden in the persian garden and european garden design traditions is rectilinear and axial in design. the equally formal garden, without axial symmetry asymmetrical or other geometries, is the garden design tradition of chinese gardens and japanese gardens. the zen garden of rocks, moss and raked gravel is an example. the western model is an ordered garden laid out in carefully planned geometric and often symmetrical lines.

  • microbiologically induced calcite precipitation

    microbiologically induced calcium carbonate precipitation micp is a bio-geochemical process that induces calcium carbonate precipitation within the soil matrix. biomineralization in the form of calcium carbonate precipitation can be traced back to the precambrian period. calcium carbonate can be precipitated in three polymorphic forms, which in the order of their usual stabilities are .

  • cesspit

    a cesspit or cesspool or soak pit in some contexts , is a term with various meanings: it is used to describe either an underground holding tank sealed at the bottom or a soak pit not sealed at the bottom . it can be used for the temporary collection and storage of feces, excreta or fecal sludge as part of an on-site sanitation system and has some similarities with septic tanks or with soak .

  • ecobricks

    an ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to set density to create a reusable building block. ecobricks can be used to produce modular items, including furniture, garden walls and other structures. ecobricks are produced primarily as a means of managing plastic waste by sequestering it and containing it safely, by terminally reducing the net surface area of the packed plastic to effectively secure the plastic from degrading into toxins and microplastics. ecobricking is a both an i

  • upcycling

    when the food isn't used in those ways, another way is to just break it down and use it in compost, which will improve the soil. pretty much any type of food waste, such as fruits, vegetables, egg shells, nuts, and nut shells, can be used in compost to make it richer soil. design processes

  • sustainable living

    sustainable design and sustainable development are critical factors to sustainable living. sustainable design encompasses the development of appropriate technology, which is a staple of sustainable living practices. sustainable development in turn is the use of these technologies in infrastructure.

  • pavement architecture

    a paver is a paving stone, tile, brick or brick-like piece of concrete commonly used as exterior a factory, concrete pavers are made by pouring a mixture of concrete and some type of coloring agent into a mold of some shape and allowing to set.

  • geoff lawton

    geoff lawton born 10 december 1954 is a permaculture consultant, designer, teacher and speaker. since 1995 he has specialised in permaculture education, design, implementation, system establishment, administration and community development.