LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

used mining equipment and equipment on europe

  • atex directive

    there are two categories of equipment 'i' for mining and 'ii' for surface industries. manufacturers who apply its provisions and affix the ce marking and the ex marking are able to sell their equipment anywhere within the european union without any further requirements with respect to the risks covered being applied.

  • dragline excavator

    a dragline excavator is a piece of heavy equipment used in civil engineering and surface mining . draglines fall into two broad categories: those that are based on standard, lifting cranes, and the heavy units which have to be built on-site. most cler cranes, with an added winch drum on the front, can act as a dragline. these units like .

  • list of european union directives

    for a date based list, see the category:european union directives by number. accounting, auditing, and management control. seventh directive: consolidated accounts of companies with limited liability directive 83/349/eec of 29/6/83 ; eighth directive: qualifications of persons responsible for carrying out the statutory audits of accounting documents official journal l126 of 12.5.1984, on eur .

  • list of components of oil drilling rigs

    casing head 27 is a large metal flange welded or screwed onto the top of the conductor pipe also known as drive-pipe or the casing and is used to bolt the surface equipment such as the blowout preventers for well drilling or the christmas tree oil well for well production .

  • an equipment maker making the right moves - aol finance

    equipment maker nys: tex is all charged-up. its shares are up 38% year-to-date, after a huge jump tuesday and its last quarter which was a smash hit. but is it free from weaknesses? no

  • komatsu limited

    komatsu is the world's second largest manufacturer of construction equipment and mining equipment after caterpillar. however, in some areas japan, china , komatsu has a larger share than caterpillar. it has manufacturing operations in japan, asia, americas and europe.

  • earthing system

    on electricity networks with a system voltage of 240 v to 1.1 kv, which are mostly used in industrial / mining equipment / machines rather than publicly accessible networks, the earthing system design is as equally important from safety point of view as for domestic users.

  • electrical equipment in hazardous areas

    category 2 equipment may be used in zone 1 or zone 2 areas. category 3 equipment may only be used in zone 2 areas. labeling. all equipment certified for use in hazardous areas must be labelled to show the type and level of protection applied. europe

  • in the new gold rush, equipment suppliers may strike it .

    in the new gold rush, equipment suppliers may strike it rich. in an uncertain economy, gold almost always goes up in value. little wonder, then, that the vertiginous swoops and dives of the stock market over the past three years have sent gold values to record highs.

  • machine industry

    the machine industry is a subsector of the industry that produces a range of products from power tools, different types of machines, and domestic technology to factory equipment etc. on the one hand the machine industry provides: the means of production for businesses in the agriculture, mining, industry and construction.

  • history of coal mining

    the history of coal mining goes back thousands of years. it became important in the industrial revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was primarily used to power steam engines, heat buildings and generate electricity. coal mining continues as an important economic activity today. compared to wood fuels, coal yields a higher amount .

  • mining

    mining as an industry underwent dramatic changes in medieval europe. the mining industry in the early middle ages was mainly focused on the extraction of copper and iron. other precious metals were also used, mainly for gilding or coinage.