LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

crusher which is mounted on the bucket

  • water wheel

    a vertically mounted water wheel that is rotated by water entering buckets just past the top of the wheel is said to be overshot. the term is sometimes, erroneously, applied to backshot wheels where the water goes down behind the wheel. a typical overshot wheel has the water channelled to the wheel at the top and slightly beyond the axle. the .

  • heavy equipment

    normally the bucket is pulled toward the excavator to excavate material. the uncommon 'thumb' attachment on this komatsu pc210-lc enables 'grabbing' objects, for example, during demolition. the uncommon 'thumb' attachment on this komatsu pc210-lc enables 'grabbing' objects, for example, during demolition.

  • talk:helicopter bucket

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  • i, borg

    he had previously done a screen test for the role of character wesley crusher for this same show. he said that his performance in 'i, borg' was driven by the memories of watching a childhood friend die, and the innocence that he felt given to his friend's memory over time; 'when i first read the script. i heard his voice, that's what it sounded .

  • hulett

    the hulett could move along the dock to align with the holds on an ore boat. when the hold was almost empty, the hulett could not finish the job itself. workmen entered the hold and shoveled the remaining ore into the hulett's bucket. in a later development, a wheeled excavator was chained to the hulett's bucket and lowered into the hold to .

  • mounteere cap

    mounteere cap also known as a montero cap is a type of cap formerly worn in spain for has a spherical crown and frequently fur-lined flaps able to be dn down to protect the ears and neck.. references

  • streltsy

    streltsy had identical uniforms, training and weapons.uniforms consisted of red, blue or green coats with orange boots. their primary weapon was an arquebus or musket, and they carried pollaxes or bardiches, and sabres for defense; some units used pikes.the longer weapons were also used to support the arquebus or musket while firing.

  • peaked cap

    a typical peaked cap has a spring stiffening, often in the form of a wire grommet frame, to ensure the sides and rear of the fabric covering have the proper shape. a crusher cap removes the stiffener to allow headphones to be worn over the hat or use in confined spaces such as tanks and submarines, giving it a slouched and worn 'crushed' appearance.

  • 'dirty great machines': epsilon 1: a monster of mining .

    epsilon 1 is a 5000 ton, 60 million dollar monster of mining. this heavy machine is a bucket wheel excavator, or bwe, mounted on nine enormous cler tracks. a rotating head of bucket scoops .

  • rain gauge

    the tipping bucket rain gauge consists of a funnel that collects and channels the precipitation into a small seesaw-like container. after a pre-set amount of precipitation falls, the lever tips, dumping the collected water and sending an electrical signal. an old-style recording device may consist of a pen mounted on an arm attached to a geared wheel that moves once with each signal sent from .

  • tappet

    an alternative to the tappet is the 'finger follower', which is a pivoting beam that is used to convert the camshaft rotation into opening and closing of a valve. finger followers are used in some high-performance dual overhead camshaft engines instead of bucket tappets , most commonly in motorcycles and sports cars.