LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • gujarati people

    sri lanka. main article: gujarati muslims in sri lanka. there is relatively a large number of gujarati muslims settled in sri lanka. they mainly represent the dawoodi bhora and the memon community, and there is also a minority of sindhi people in sri lanka. these communities are mainly into trading businesses and lately, they have diversified .

  • refugee crisis

    the civil war in sri lanka, from 1983 to 2009 had generated thousands of internally displaced people as well as refugees most of them being the tamils. many sri lankans have fled to neighbourly india and western countries such as canada, france, denmark, the united kingdom, and germany.

  • operation pawan

    operation pawan hindi: ऑपरेशन पवन ŏparēśan pavan, lit.'operation wind' was the code name assigned to the operation by the indian peace keeping force ipkf to take control of jaffna from the liberation tigers of tamil eelam ltte , better known as the tamil tigers, in late 1987 to enforce the disarmament of the ltte as a part of the indo-sri lanka accord.

  • military history of the united kingdom during world war ii

    japanese forces captured malaya now malaysia , singapore and the dutch east indies forcing the remaining british warships to withd to trincomalee, ceylon now sri lanka , and in february 1942, they were reconstituted into the british eastern fleet. on paper, the fleet looked impressive, boasting five battleships and three aircraft carriers.

  • prehistoric asia

    prehistoric asia refers to events in asia during the period of human existence prior to the invention of writing systems or the documentation of recorded history.this includes portions of the eurasian land mass currently or traditionally considered as the continent of asia. the continent is commonly described as the region east of the ural mountains, the caucasus mountains, the caspian sea and .

  • petrosomatoglyph

    on sri pada, or adam's peak, a mountain in sri lanka, is a footprint mark said by buddhists to be that of the left foot of the buddha, the right footprint being in a city about 150 kilometres distant, or at phra sat in thailand. tamil hindus consider it to be the footprint of shiva.

  • vivaah

    ashmarohanam stepping on the grinding stone after pradhaana homam, the husband holds the right toe of his wife and lifts her leg and places it on a flat granite grinding stone known as 'ammi' in thamizh. the ammi stands at the right side of the sacred fire. the husband recites a veda mantra when he places the right foot of his wife on the .

  • hambantota

    a cement grinding and bagging factory is being set up, . opened in march 2013, it is the second international airport in sri lanka after bandaranaike international airport in colombo, but is not being used. the weeila airport is also located nearby. road. a2 highway connects colombo with hambantota town through galle and matara. .

  • jackfruit

    the jackfruit is the national fruit of bangladesh and sri lanka, and the state fruit of the indian states of kerala and tamil nadu. it is available internationally canned or frozen and in chilled meals as are various products derived from the fruit such as noodles and chips.

  • thingyan

    thingyan eve. the eve of thingyan, the first day of the festival is called a-kyo nei in myanmar, အကြိုနေ့ , and is the start of a variety of religious activities.buddhists are expected to observe the eight precepts, more than the basic five precepts, including having only one meal before noon.thingyan is a time when uposatha observance days, similar to the christian sabbath .

  • history of odisha

    in 1187, nissanka malla who ascended to the throne in sri lanka claimed to have descended from kalinga. he may have born in 1157 in the capital of kalinga, sinhapura modern day srikakulam, now in andhra pradesh . in 1215, an invader from kalinga, called kalinga magha landed in sri lanka and had an oppressive reign of 21 years.

  • limited-access road

    sri lanka has ensured to classify the expressways in reference to the connotation of e grades. as of 2014, three expressways namely the e01 southern expressway, e02 outer circular expressway and the e03 colombo – katunayake expressway have been created. a tax levying structure is proposed for travelling via the expressways. speed limits in .

  • mehrgarh

    mehrgarh balochi: mehrgaŕh; urdu: مہرگڑھ ‎ is a neolithic site dated c. 7000 bce to c. 2500/2000 bce , which lies on the kacchi plain of balochistan, pakistan. mehrgarh is located near the bolan pass, to the west of the indus river valley and between the present-day pakistani cities of quetta, kalat and sibi.the site was discovered in 1974 by an archaeological team directed by .

  • congee

    congee is also eaten by sri lankan moors for iftar during ramadan. it is also occasionally made with oats. tamils and moors in sri lanka call it aarisi kanji rice kanji and use chicken or beef for it. it is sometimes made with milk paal kanji , and there are many other combinations with appropriate prefixes in tamil.