LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • westmoreland county coal strike of 1910–11

    the westmoreland county coal strike of 1910–1911, or the westmoreland coal miners' strike, was a strike by coal miners represented by the united mine workers of america.the strike is also known as the slovak strike because about 70 percent of the miners were slovak immigrants. it began in westmoreland county, pennsylvania, on march 9, 1910, and ended on july 1, 1911.

  • information security

    in information security culture from analysis to change, authors commented, 'it's a never ending process, a cycle of evaluation and change or maintenance.' to manage the information security culture, five steps should be taken: pre-evaluation, strategic planning, operative planning, implementation, and post-evaluation.

  • gayton mckenzie

    gayton mckenzie is a south african former convicted criminal businessman, motivational speaker, author, and president of the patriotic alliance political party. he came to prominence in the early 2000s for his role in a prison exposé that eventually led to his early release amid an investigation of prison corruption by the jali commission of inquiry.

  • marikana massacre

    the marikana massacre, which took place on 16 august 2012, was the most lethal use of force by south african security forces against civilians since 1976. the shootings have been described as a massacre in the south african media and have been compared to the sharpeville massacre in 1960. the incident took place on the 25-year anniversary of a nationwide south african miners' strike.

  • rex tillerson

    rex wayne tillerson born march 23, 1952 is an american engineer and energy executive who served as the 69th united states secretary of state from february 1, 2017, to march 31, 2018, under president donald trump. prior to joining the trump …

  • de-identification

    de-identification is the process used to prevent someone's personal identity from being revealed. for example, data produced during human subject research might be de-identified to preserve privacy for research participants. when applied to metadata or general data about identification, the process is also known as data anonymization.common strategies include deleting or masking personal .

  • pinkerton detective agency

    pinkerton, founded as the pinkerton national detective agency, is a private security guard and detective agency established in the united states by scotsman allan pinkerton in 1850 and currently a subsidiary of securitas ab. pinkerton became famous when he claimed to have foiled a plot to assassinate president-elect abraham lincoln, who later hired pinkerton agents for his personal security .

  • massey energy

    massey energy company was a coal extractor in the united states with substantial operations in west virginia, kentucky and revenue, it was the fourth largest producer of coal in the united states and the largest coal producer in central appalachia. by coal production weight, it was the sixth largest producer of coal in the united states.

  • dudu myeni

    duduzile cynthia myeni born 29 october 1963 , also known as dudu, is a south african businesswoman, the former chairperson of south african airways soc limited, and the executive chairperson of the jacob g zuma foundation since september 2008. she is known for her controversial involvement with south african airways and as a close friend of former president jacob zuma.

  • erased 2012 film

    erased released as the expatriate outside of the us is a 2012 canadian-belgian action thriller film directed by philipp stölzl, starring eckhart and olga kurylenko.the story centers on ben logan eckhart an ex-cia agent and amy liana liberato , his estranged daughter who are forced on the run when his employers erase all records of his existence, and mark them both for .

  • patrice motsepe

    patrice tlhopane motsepe born 28 january 1962 is a south african mining billionaire businessman of tswana descent. he is the founder and executive chairman of african rainbow minerals, which has interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum.he sits on several company boards, including being the non-executive chairman of harmony gold, the world's 12th largest gold mining .

  • cheyenne mountain complex

    four years later, construction at cheyenne mountain was started to create a similar protection for the norad command post. cheyenne mountain was excavated under the supervision of the army corps of engineers for the construction of the norad combat operations center beginning on may 18, 1961,: 18 by utah construction & mining company.

  • red orchestra espionage

    the red orchestra german: die rote kapelle , or the red chapel as it was known in germany, was the name given by the gestapo to anti-nazi resistance workers during world war ii.these included friends of harro schulze-boysen and arvid harnack in berlin, as well as groups working independently of these intelligence groups, working in paris and brussels, that were built up on behalf of leopold .

  • coltan mining and ethics

    besides the harm it does to food security in the eastern congo, coltan mining is inimical to land uses such as ecotourism, game ranches, and medical research which could possibly provide better incomes and profit from the wildlife and forest land. mining threatens the national parks across the congo.

  • document classification

    document classification or document categorization is a problem in library science, information science and computer science.the task is to assign a document to one or more classes or categories.this may be done 'manually' or 'intellectually' or algorithmically.the intellectual classification of documents has mostly been the province of library science, while the algorithmic classification .