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  • how do i replace certain parts of my string? - stack overflow

    strtr $str, array 'a' => '' ;. or to answer your question more precisely: strtr 'hello, my name is santa', array 'a' => '' ;.

  • what is the american flag called?

    the american flag is typically referred to simply as 'the american flag;' however, it was originally named 'the stars and stripes' when first approved in 1777. the flag initially had 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the number of colonies at the time, but both the amount of stars and stripes have changed over more≫

  • 5 rules for displaying the american flag

    you don't have to wait until independence day to show off your love of country. the american flag makes a colorful expression of patriotism. however, make sure you understand the rules set forth in the u.s. flag code before you put up a festive flag more≫

  • telescoping flagpoles & mounts replacement parts fly me flag

    fly me flag, located in green bay, wisconsin, sells and installs uncommon telescoping flagpoles, replacement parts, and accessories. display your telescoping .

  • inc instruction vs add 1: does it matter? - stack overflow

    if you want to inc/dec without touching any flags, lea eax, rax 1 runs . x86 cpus including amd's , rename different parts of flags separately, so . so replacing dec with sub will allow shl eax, cl to execute the two .

  • ifdef replacement in the swift - stack overflow

    yes you can do it. in swift you can still use the ' if/ else/ endif' preprocessor macros although more constrained , as per apple docs. here's an example:

  • how to do a regular expression replace in mysql? - stack overflow

    with mysql 8.0 you could use natively regexp replace function. 12.5.2 regular expressions: regexp replace expr, pat, repl , pos , occurrence , .

  • replacement parts – tagged 'attachments'– department 56 official .

    department 56 does not repair damaged pieces and does not carry motors or motherboards. . reindeer flying feed store sign & red flags 4 sale .

  • yakattack flag spare parts for visicarbon pro and visipole ii .

    the yakattack flag spare parts for visicarbon pro and visipole ii can be used to replace missing pieces or repair your flag.

  • orb-it seasonal replacement flags balloon innovations

    the orb-it flag is perfect for grabbing attention whether it's your company logo or tagline, a seasonal scene, or simply saying 'welcome', orb-it flags will .

  • flagpole parts replacement 'm-winch' internal .

    sep 4, 2012 . how-to replace a flag pole winch on your flagpole. find flagpole .

  • how to replace all occurrences of a string? - stack overflow

    using a regular expression with the g flag set will replace all: somestring . this is a simple regex that avoids replacing parts of words in most cases. however, a .

  • postgresql - replace all instances of a string within text field - stack .

    you want to use postgresql's replace function: replace string text, from text, to text . for instance : update

    set = replace  .

  • std regex and ignoring flags - stack overflow

    jun 24, 2017 . first of all i thought may this is a rule for ecmascript , but after testing js code and seeing igor tandetnik commend i test the code with gcc 7.1.0 .

  • how many stars are on the flag?

    there are 50 stars on the flag of the united states of america. these stars represent the 50 states. the flag has 13 alternating red and white stripes that represent the original 13 more≫

  • is there a way to use regular expressions in the replacement string .

    . string, count=0, flags=0 – return the string obtained by replacing the leftmost . is there an easy way to use parts of the matching regular expression in the .

  • flagpole farm titan telescoping flagpole accessories

    . titan flagpole installation · interlocking sleeve replacement · video resources · 1/2 staff notifications · solar light installation instructions · third flag set up .

  • sunsetter telescoping flagpole replacement parts, all styles

    when you look for places to buy american flags or flagpole parts, flagpro has the best selection and you can rest assured that all of our outdoor american flags for .

  • add text in a file with python without replacing it - stack overflow

    jan 12, 2012 . for line in input file: parts = line.strip .split if parts 0 in flags: line = line ' ' flags parts 0 output file.write line '\n' . if you know how to use .

  • what is the name of the american flag?

    the name of the american flag is 'stars and stripes.' the american flag has a long and interesting history beginning in 1775 when american ships in new england waters flew a flag that they deemed the 'liberty flag.'read more≫

  • why is 'asdf'.replace /.*/g, 'x' == 'xx'? - stack overflow

    as per the ecma-262 standard, string.prototype.replace calls . parts already eaten up cannot be matched anymore; replacement is done at indices given by . because the global flag g is set, it continues searching.

  • flag pole replacement parts repair kit truck pulley halyard cleat .

    flag pole parts repair kit 2' dia truck pulley gold ball cleat clip halyard rope. nylon braided rope :38 ft good for 20 or 25 ft pole . 1 x nylon braided rope.

  • replace multiple characters in one replace call - stack overflow

    use the or operator : var str = ' this is a test '; str.replace / /g,'' ; // result: 'this is a test'. you could also use a character class .

  • replace preg replace e modifier with preg replace callback .

    in a regular expression, you can 'capture' parts of the matched string with brackets ; in this case, you are capturing the ^ and a-z parts of the match.

  • fastest method to replace all instances of a character in a string .

    the easiest would be to use a regular expression with g flag to replace all instances: str.replace /foo/g, 'bar' . this will replace all occurrences of foo with bar in .

  • flag pole replacement parts:

    buy products related to flag pole replacement parts and see what customers say about flag pole replacement parts on free delivery possible .

  • recognizing and replacing parts of a string in java 7 - stack overflow

    you can make regex case-insensitive by adding ?i flag at start str = str.replaceall ' ?i meat', 'vegatable' ;. example. system.out.println 'abc .

  • mailboxes outlet mailbox replacement parts & outlet

    shop mailbox replacement parts and last chance items from gibraltar . whether you're in need of a new flag, hardware kit, or other replacement part, .

  • pandas str.replace method regex flag raises inconsistent exceptions .

    if you look at the documentation for pandas.series.str.replace you will see that the repl argument can be a string or callable, but a dict is not .