LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • ac cobra

    in 2009, ac licensed gullwing in germany, dba ac-automotive, to produce the ac mk vi, with an aluminium coated composite body and powered by a 380-cubic-inch 6.2 l 440-horsepower 446 ps; 328 kw ls3 chevrolet engine, or a 550 hp 558 ps; 410 kw supercharged version. in 2012, the ac mrk ii classic was released. available in either .

  • audi a6

    audi's executive car was previously named the audi 100 or audi 5000 in the united states , and was released in three successive generations audi c1, audi c2 and audi c3 . in 1994, the latest generation c4 of the audi 100 received a facelift and was renamed as the audi a6, to fit in with audi's new alphanumeric nomenclature as the full-size a8 had just been introduced .

  • peugeot 307

    the peugeot 307 is a small family car produced by the french manufacturer peugeot since 2001, following the peugeot 306 which ceased production in 2002. it was awarded the european car of the year title for 2002, and continued to be offered in china and certain south american markets through 2014, despite the french launch of the 308 its intended successor in september 2007.

  • d10

    the d10 was the result of a need for a tractor larger than the d9. at this time, competitors were building bulldozers that were more powerful than the d9. allis chalmers introduced at conexpo 69 in chicago a 524 hp 391 kw hd-41 which was the largest cler in the world. in 1974 after ac and fiat merged their .

  • honda fit

    alcohol ethanol and gasoline hybrid fit: honda brazil began sales in mid-december 2006, only for the 1.35 i-dsi. 80 hp 60 kw at gasoline and 83 hp 62 kw at alcohol. citation needed it also works with any intermediary mix rate. there is an additional gasoline fuel tank on the right side under the triangle window for low .