LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • trench warfare

    trench warfare is a type of land warfare using occupied fighting lines largely comprising military trenches, in which troops are well-protected from the enemy's small arms fire and are substantially sheltered from artillery.trench warfare lasting for several years took place on the western front in world war i.following that war, 'trench warfare' became a byword for stalemate, attrition .

  • moat

    a moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that is dug and surrounds a castle, fortification, building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of some places moats evolved into more extensive water defences, including natural or artificial lakes, dams and older fortifications, such as hillforts, they are usually referred to simply .

  • trench

    a trench is a type of excavation or depression in the ground that is generally deeper than it is wide as opposed to a wider gully, or ditch , and narrow compared with its length as opposed to a simple hole . in geology, trenches are created as a result of erosion by rivers or by geological movement of tectonic plates.

  • cofferdam

    a cofferdam, also called a coffer, is an enclosure built within, or in pairs across, a body of water to allow the enclosed area to be pumped out. this pumping creates a dry working environment so that the work can be carried out safely. enclosed coffers are commonly used for construction or repair of permanent dams, oil platforms, bridge piers, etc., built within or over water.

  • mythbusters 2016 season

    the cast of the television series mythbusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban legends, old wives' tales, and the like.this is a list of the various myths tested on the show as well as the results of the experiments the myth is either busted, plausible, or confirmed .the 2016 season premiered on january 2, in a saturday time slot.

  • battle of lone pine

    the battle of lone pine also known as the battle of kanlı sırt was fought between australian and new zealand army corps anzac and ottoman empire forces during the gallipoli campn of the first world war, between 6 and 10 august 1915.the battle was part of a diversionary attack to d ottoman attention away from the main assaults being conducted by british, indian and new zealand .

  • air raid shelter

    air-raid shelter in tateyama, nagasaki. kleines berlin 'little berlin' in german is the complex of underground air-raid tunnels dating to world war ii, which still exists in trieste, italy. part of a series on. refugees as weapons. counter-insurgency. defeat in detail. tactical objective. target saturation. operational manoeuvre group.