LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

flotation manufactured for gold ore

  • gold extraction

    froth flotation is usually applied when the gold present in an ore is closely associated with sulfide minerals such as pyrite, chalcopyrite or arsenopyrite, and when such sulfides are present in large quantities in the ore. in this case, concentration of the sulfides results in concentration of gold values.

  • u.s. silver & gold

    average grade of the silver-lead ore has been 8.18 ounces silver and 8.8% lead per ton of ore. the mine is currently producing silver-copper ore at a rate of approximately 625 tons per day. ore grades are approximately 24.0 ounces per ton silver and 0.76% copper.

  • batu hijau mine

    ore from the mine has an average copper grade of 0.49% and an average gold grade of 0.39g/t. crushed ore is further reduced in size by semi-autogenous grinding and ball mills. once milled it is sent through a flotation circuit which produces a concentrate with a grade of 32% copper and 19.9g/t gold. the mill realizes a copper recovery of 89%.

  • sodium ethyl xanthate

    sodium ethyl xanthate is predominantly used in the mining industry as flotation agent for recovery of metals, such as copper, nickel, silver or gold, as well as solid metal sulfides or oxides from ore slurries. this application was introduced by cornelius h. keller in 1925.

  • antimony

    the extraction of antimony from ores depends on the quality and composition of the ore. most antimony is mined as the sulfide; lower-grade ores are concentrated by froth flotation, while higher-grade ores are heated to 500–600 c, the temperature at which stibnite melts and separates from the gangue minerals.

  • beneficiation

    some ore physical properties can not be relied on for separation, therefore chemical processes are used to separate the ores from the rock. froth flotation, leaching, and electrowinning are the most common types of chemical separation. froth flotation uses hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties to separate the ore from the gangue.

  • sepro mineral systems

    sepro mobile plants are designed to be easily re-locatable as they are mounted on road transportable custom built trailer assemblies. these include the sepro mobile mill plant and sepro mobile flotation plant, both of which were installed by banks island gold ltd at the company's yellow giant gold property on the coast of british columbia.