LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • list of generic and genericized trademarks

    list of former trademarks that have been genericized. the following partial list contains marks which were originally legally protected trademarks, but which have subsequently lost legal protection as trademarks by becoming the common name of the relevant product or service, as used both by the consuming public and commercial competitors.these marks were determined in court to have become generic.

  • scrap

    a scrap metal shredder is often used to recycle items containing a variety of other materials in combination with steel. examples are automobiles and white goods such as refrigerators, stoves, clothes washers, etc. these items are labor-intensive to manually sort things like plastic, copper, aluminum, and brass. by shredding into relatively .

  • amstrad

    amstrad was a british electronics company, founded in 1968 by alan sugar at the age of 21. he started the business when he was only 16. the name is a contraction of alan michael sugar trading. it was first listed on the london stock exchange in 1980. during the late 1980s, amstrad had a substantial share of the pc market in the uk.

  • list of open-source hardware projects

    this is a list of open-source hardware projects, including computer systems and components, cameras, radio, telephony, science education, machines and tools, robotics, renewable energy, home automation, medical and biotech, automotive, prototyping, test equipment, and musical instruments.

  • photo booth

    photo booth is a software application for taking photos and videos with an isight is published by apple inc. as part of macos and ios on the ipad and ipad mini available starting with the ipad 2 .. photo booth was released in october 2005 and was originally available only on macintosh computers that had a built-in isight camera running mac os x tiger version 10.4 .

  • grater

    box grater with vegetable slicing surface displayed a grater, also known as a shredder, is a kitchen utensil used to grate foods into fine pieces. it was invented by françois boullier in the 1540s, originally to grate cheese

  • solid-state drive

    a solid-state drive ssd is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data persistently, typically using flash memory, and functioning as secondary storage in the hierarchy of computer is also sometimes called a solid-state device or a solid-state disk, even though ssds lack the physical spinning disks and movable read–write heads used in hard .

  • pet bottle recycling

    recycling companies further treat the post-consumer pet by shredding the material into small fragments. these fragments still contain residues of the original content, shredded paper labels and plastic caps. these are removed by plastic granulation, resulting in pure pet fragments, or 'pet flakes'.

  • sunbeam products

    sunbeam products is an american brand that has produced electric home appliances since 1910. its products have included the mixmaster mixer, the sunbeam cg waffle iron, coffeemaster 1938–1964 and the fully automatic t20 toaster.. the company has endured a long history of struggles, including, in 2001, when it filed for bankruptcy and was also found to have committed massive accounting .

  • list of home appliances

    this is a list of home appliances. a home appliance is an electrical / mechanical machine which accomplishes functions, such as cooking or cleaning . home appliances can be classified into:

  • garrett morgan

    garrett augustus morgan, sr. march 4, 1877 – july 27, 1963 was an african-american inventor, businessman, and community leader.his most notable inventions were a three position traffic signal and a smoke hood notably used in a 1916 tunnel construction …

  • appliance recycling

    appliance recycling is the process of dismantling waste home appliances and scrapping their parts for reuse. recycling appliances for their original or other purposes, involves disassembly, removal of hazardous components and destruction of the end-of-life equipment to recover materials, generally by shredding, sorting and grading.