LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • how to kill a brand general discussion giant bomb

    i fired up need for speed: hot pursuit yesterday and was forced to download the super sports pack. after heading to the career mode to see what was a

  • post and discuss your knew nife cookware knives

    read page 7 of the post and discuss your knew nife discussion from the chowhound cookware, knives food community. join the discussion today. read page 7 of the post and discuss your

  • sony patent will pause your game to show you ads general

    is this the future for the playstation?game informer reports that a patent from sony has appeared online, and it appears to show how games will sudden

  • companies think we're stupid. stop proving them right

    the latest kerfluffle with the $40 batman season pass is just the latest in a long line of these companies pushing boundaries and seeing just how much

  • eas savage rape play general discussion giant bomb

    the thing that i would like to see them address is to stop nickel and diming the consumer at every single turn.' jeff gerstman hearing those words come out of jeff's mouth was

  • hypothetically, would you pay more if you could end nickel

    lets face it, games no longer cost $60 and they havent cost that much for a long time. free to play style microtransactions are the norm now in toda

  • french copper pots = lined with tin or steel? cookware

    read page 12 of the french copper pots = lined with tin or steel? discussion from the chowhound cookware, copper food community. i ask because about the only other things that would be

  • what if apple made a game console? general discussion

    first off, i am not an apple person except for my ipod , i respect them as a company that makes good products, but i tend to favor pc's and microsof

  • is the future of gaming screwed? general discussion

    deathstriker: technically, overwatch was $40 us on pc, but i get your larger point that they shouldn't have charged for it.i do disagree with that notion, simply because i feel that

  • vote with your wallet general discussion giant bomb

    'vote with you wallet' was a phrase that was bandied about in the dark times of shitty dlc, pay to win and whatever the fuck 'freemium' was supposed

  • video game piracy is not entirely evil general

    if there was a way to pirate film in the early part of the century then there wouldn't be a huge gap in the history of film where there are no archives. publishers want us to buy their

  • all of the vania, none of the metroid. castlevania

    oh slag, my questions are always open to you. not sure if it's your fault or where this tick developed but i use 'slag ' as a catch all curse word for things like stubbing my

  • what to know before buying a smart lock cnet

    in addition, products like the schlage sense bluetooth deadbolt $205 at walmart , the kwikset premis, and the second gen august smart lock work with apple's homekit, apple's own

  • writes a brilliant article on me3 dlc, i talk

    because it agrees with what i think . reading it is probably easier than reading my shitty commentary, but here goes. edit: oh man, this turned into a

  • who else hates ea's online pass? general discussion

    i rented hot pursuit thinking i could check out the online to see if im going to buy it or not and dam online pass so now im not even buying it. im p

  • a revolutionary new monetization model not general

    i've been thinking recently about the best way to monetize certain games that would lead to better quality games and more money spent on them as f2p

  • does it seem tiring when other non vita owners claim this

    i understand that sony is not making first party games for it but do we really need to claim it is dead because sony couldn't keep their promise? last

  • ontario beers worth trying restaurants chowhound

    read the ontario beers worth trying discussion from the chowhound restaurants, ontario food community. join the discussion today. 10 must have cookbooks by lgbtq cooks. the best brands of

  • aggregators and the launcher wars general discussion

    there will be a breaking point to that system where people get fed up about being so obvious inconvenience to make a 'nickel' for a multinational conglomerate, and when that

  • super mario odyssey: is my daughter missing out? super

    super mario odyssey: is my daughter missing out? drfat32. follow if you have never dealt with nintendo save yourself the frustration of their constant nickel and diming you for