LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

large production dry drum belt magnetic separator permanent

  • belt filter

    the belt filter is an industrial machine, used for solid/liquid separation processes, particularly the dewatering of sludges in the chemical industry, mining and water treatment. belt filter presses are also used in the production of apple juice, cider and winemaking. the process of filtration is primarily obtained by passing a pair of filtering cloths and belts through a system of rollers. the system takes a sludge or slurry as a feed, and separates it into a filtrate and a solid cake.

  • diver navigation

    diver navigation, termed 'underwater navigation' by scuba divers, is a set of techniques—including observing natural features, the use of a compass, and surface observations—that divers use to navigate underwater. free-divers do not spend enough time underwater for navigation to be important, and surface supplied divers are limited in the distance they can travel by the length of their .

  • rotary vacuum-drum filter

    rotary vacuum drum filter rvdf , patented in 1872, is one of the oldest filters used in the industrial liquid-solids separation. it offers a wide range of industrial processing flow sheets and provides a flexible application of dewatering, washing and/or clarification. a rotary vacuum filter consists of a large rotating drum covered by a cloth.

  • separation process

    the drum is the centerpiece of the separator, in which the separation process takes place. there are two types of drums: the chamber drum known as chamber separators and the disc drum known as disc separators . the power transmission on the spindle and thereby on the drum can take place by using one of the three drive motors: helical gears .

  • magnetic separation

    a large diversity of mechanical are used to separate magnetic materials. during magnetic separation, magnets are situated inside two separator drums which bear liquids. due to the magnets, magnetic particles are being drifted by the movement of the drums. this can create a magnetic concentrate e.g. an ore concentrate .

  • drying

    drying is a mass transfer process consisting of the removal of water or another solvent by evaporation from a solid, semi-solid or liquid.this process is often used as a final production step before selling or packaging products. to be considered 'dried', the final product must be solid, in the form of a continuous sheet e.g., paper , long pieces e.g., wood , particles e.g., cereal grains .