LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

slag ball grinding

  • are there any modern 'actual' mmos that are worth playing

    are there any modern 'actual' mmos that are worth playing? alavapenguin. follow that said, if you can find yourself a group of friends, you can really have a ball raiding

  • back to basics with final fantasy i episode i: time for

    even these eye ball fucks can hit you with paralysis. paralysis can also be used as a passive debuff for random enemies' attacks. packs of eight or nine ghouls become the hardest

  • best tactical / strategy rpgs? tactical turn based

    zeik: the disgaea games have some of that though there's only one 'town' in each game. walking around and talking to people is how you do all your stuff and in the newest

  • was this designed by a bunch on monkeys? ? final

    to make this even worse, the cp cost in the crystarium how you level up is basically doubled which means you gotta kill a hell of a lot of shit if you want to level up. so, naturally, i

  • it's 2014, and i just finished final fantasy vii for the

    the same is true for every jrpg and ff7 is one of the most egregious examples of this with how easy it was to go into sephiroth with a party decked out with mastered yellow magic and

  • the witcher 3: wild hunt or dragon age: inquisition

    as contrary as i usually am, i got to say that i'm with the crowd here. witcher 3 has been much more impressive than dragon age in just about every capacity. i haven't finished

  • update 1.1.1 is out dragon marked for death message

    for dragon marked for death on the nintendo switch, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'update 1.1.1 is out' page 6.

  • games you play while listening to podcasts old thread

    hey gang i listen to a lot of podcasts. when i'm not on my way to work and back or shopping or generally outside alone, i listen to them at home, obviously.when i first started doing

  • do you actually enjoy 'grinding?' general discussion

    that kind of grinding where you are purposefully going back to places you've already been for the sole purpose of leveling up your character/character

  • top gorecore artists

    devour the light are a 4 piece deathcore band based in the suburbs of miami, florida. the band was formed by david, 15, and marcelo, 14, who met

  • borderlands 2 faq/walkthrough playstation 3 by

    faq/walkthrough by seniorbill. slag: new in borderlands 2 is the slag element. they become available at level 15 and its damage effect is much like a conventional but if you manage

  • ratchet and clank future: quest for booty faq/walkthrough

    hello and welcome to my guide for ratchet and clank: quest for booty, or ratchet and clank future: quest for booty as it is known in america. this game was developed by insomniac games and

  • do you know what i hate most about lunastra? monster

    my problem with the fiery slag is purely her super nova. it burns, and i am not aware of a skill that prevents that. especially in the grinding lands where she will do nova over and

  • star wars: x wing faq/strategy guide macintosh by

    seems you've been spotted, and you're about to be turned to slag if you don't act. immediately head towards the intrepid and intercept the waves of fighters and bombers that

  • qeustions tales of berseria message board for

    i use 2 arets that have bith fire and earth soaring dragon and slag assault on my fire tree i set up my artes by elements; since circle is red, i put fire artes on the cirlce button

  • good games to play while listening to goty podcasts, 2017

    just swinging around while listening to the conversation. besides that, if i'm playing rocket league it's either slow mo or regular speed, but always against ai and without a time

  • if you were given $2500 to build a computer giant bomb

    17 slag. i don't care what my pc looks like, i care how the games i play run on it. i had to order a new psu fan because my current one periodically makes horrible grinding