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LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • template:user in maharashtra

    this multiuse regional user template creates a userbox that describes your association with the indian state of maharashtra and declares your membership in appropriate regional user categories when placed on your user page.

  • list of indian state emblems

    india is a country in south is made up of 28 states and 8 union territories. most of the states and union territories of india have their own state emblem, seal or coat of arms which are used as official governmental symbol, while six states and five union territories use the national emblem of india as their official governmental seal.

  • 2020 coronavirus pandemic in maharashtra

    the first case of the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed in the indian state of maharashtra on 9 march 2020. the state has confirmed a total of 5,218 cases, including 251 deaths and 722 recoveries, as of 21 april 2020. as of 14 april, maharashtra accounts for 23% of the total cases in india as well as 46% of all deaths.

  • marathi muslims

    the term marathi muslims is usually used to signify marathi muslims from the state of maharashtra in north-western coast of india, who speak marathi as a mother-tongue first and follows certain customs slightly differing from the rest of indian muslims citation needed . marathi muslims are very prominent in industry and medium-sized businesses.

  • pulgaon

    pulgaon was created as a municipality in 1901 census handbook of wardha district however gives the year as 1902. and has an area of 5.3 square miles 14 km 2 under its jurisdiction. nineteen elected councilors constitute the municipal committee.

  • kailasa temple, ellora

    the kailasha iast: kailāśa or kailashanatha iast: kailāśanātha temple is the largest of the rock-cut hindu temples at the ellora caves, maharashtra, india.a megalith carved from a rock cliff face, it is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples in the world because of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment, and 'the climax of the rock-cut phase of indian architecture'.

  • sawantwadi taluka

    sawantwadi मराठी: सावंतवाडी is a taluka a unit of administration in the sindhudurg district in the indian state of maharashtra.the taluka headquarters is sawantwadi which has a municipal council, which is a local civic body.sawantwadi was formerly the capital of the kingdom of sawantwadi, ruled by the sawant bhonsle royal clan of the marathas.

  • maharashtrian pancha-dravida brahmin

    maharashtrian brahmins are communities native to the indian state of maharashtra.they are classified into two sub-divisions based on their places of origin, 'desh' and 'konkan'.the deshastha speak marathi and the konkanastha towards goa previously spoke konkani but have learnt marathi nowadays. together, these divisions comprise members of various gotras, being the deshastha, kokanastha .

  • paithani

    paithani marathi: पैठणी is a variety of sari, named after the paithan town in aurangabad maharashtra state where the saree was first handmade. present day yeola town in nashik, maharashtra is the largest manufacturer of paithani.made from very fine silk, it is considered as one of the most expensive saris in is one of the most famous saris in is also considered to .

  • maharashtrian cuisine

    maharashtrian or marathi cuisine is the cuisine of the marathi people from the indian state of has distinctive attributes, while sharing much with other indian cuisines. traditionally, maharashtrians have considered their food to be more austere than others.

  • force one mumbai police

    force one marathi: बळ एक, iast: baḷa ēka is a specialised counter terrorism unit of the mumbai police to guard the mumbai metropolitan area, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, formed by government of maharashtra on the lines of national security guards nsg . it was formed under maharashtra police, as a response .

  • daund

    daund is a city, municipal council and headquarters of daund taluka in pune district in the state of maharashtra, india. in ancient times a sage, 'dhaumya rishi' used to stay here, hence people started calling this place after him: 'dhaum'.

  • pen, india

    pundits from all over maharashtra used to come to pen to make copies of rare ancient books पोथी . sages of pen especially bhave, were so superior intellectually, that they defeated sages who accompanied shankarachrya of kashi, in debates on religious studies during his 1883 visit.

  • transport in maharashtra

    walking has constituted a major form of transport in ancient times.this mode of transport has always been a first foot for humans. people even used to cover long distances on rural areas of maharashtra even now that is a common mode of transport. in many cities in the state like mumbai or pune, to make it safer and efficient for pedestrians, a number of skywalks have been proposed or .

  • gondia airport

    gondia airport is located at birsi village, 12 kilometres north-east of gondia, maharashtra, india. it is used for general aviation and pilot training. history. the airstrip was built by the british in 1940. initially run by the public works department, it was taken over by the state-owned .

  • marathi people

    the marathi people, also rendered as marathis or maharashtrian are an ethnolinguistic group who speak marathi, an indo-aryan as their native . they inhabit the state of maharashtra as well as districts bordering the state, such as belgaum and karwar of karnataka and the state of goa in western india as well as districts of southern gujarat and parts of madhya pradesh.

  • poclain

    poclain make radial piston hydraulic motors which are mostly used in industrial and off highway vehicles, their biggest competition in this area is rexroth of scotland who are now a subsidiary of bosch ag. the company started in the excavator business in 1948, when they built a loader unit on a dodge 4x4 chassis. followed by a hydraulic .

  • vaibhavwadi taluka

    vaibhavwadi taluka is a taluka in kankavli subdivision of sindhudurg district in the indian state of maharashtra.. it was earlier a small market town by the name vabhwe. in the early 1980s it was accorded the status of tehsil under the new district sindhudurg.located to the north-east of kankavali, vaibhavwadi is off national highway 66 old national highway 17 and is on the district's .

  • parola, maharashtra

    parola is a city and a municipal council in jalgaon district in the indian state of maharashtra. it is located on the hajira surat – dhule – kolkatta national highway 6 . the municipal council was established by the british government before the independence of india.

  • gorakhgad

    gorakhgad fort / गोरखगड is a fort located 24 km from murbad, thane district, of maharashtra.this fort is an important fort in thane district. this fort was mainly used by sadhus or hermits for meditation.and also by local people's of surrounding village, it was also used to guard the ancient trade route passing through naneghat.for visit contact 7666516752 nakul shinde

  • maharashtra

    maharashtra / mɑːhəˈrɑːʃtrə /; marathi: məharaːʂʈrə listen , abbr. mh is a state in the western peninsular region of india occupying a substantial portion of the deccan plateau. it is the second-most populous state and third-largest state by area . maharashtra is created as a marathi speaking state.

  • maharashtri prakrit

    maharashtri prakrit was the most widely used prakrit in western and southern india. maharashtri apabhraṃśas remained in use until the 13th century, and were widely used in jain literature, forming an important link in the evolution of the .