LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • canadian coast guard

    the canadian coast guard ccg; french: garde côtière canadienne – gcc is the coast guard of canada.formed in 1962, the coast guard is tasked with marine search and rescue, communication, navigation and transportation issues in canadian waters, such as navigation aids and icebreaking, marine pollution response and providing support for other canadian government initiatives.

  • flextime

    flextime arrangements also help parents: one parent works 10 a.m – 6 p.m. and is in charge of the children before school / daycare, while the other parent works 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. and is in charge of the children after school / daycare. this allows parents time to commute. flextime is also beneficial to workers pursuing an education.

  • case-hardening

    case-hardening or surface hardening is the process of hardening the surface of a metal object while allowing the metal deeper underneath to remain soft, thus forming a thin layer of harder metal called the 'case' at the surface. for iron or steel with low carbon content, which has poor to no hardenability of its own, the case-hardening process involves infusing additional carbon or nitrogen .

  • erich raeder

    raeder believed the navy was unprepared for the start of world war ii by at least five years. the surface fleet was inadequate to fight the royal navy and instead adopted a strategy of convoy raiding.

  • copper in architecture

    the effects of natural movement due to settlement, expansion, and contraction may eventually lead to leaks. copper is an excellent material for flashing because of its malleability, strength, solderability, workability, high resistance to the caustic effects of mortars and hostile environments, and long service life. this enables a roof to be built without weak points.

  • iron

    60 fe is an extinct radionuclide of long half-life 2.6 million years . it is not found on earth, but its ultimate decay product is its granddaughter, the stable nuclide 60 ni. much of the past work on isotopic composition of iron has focused on the nucleosynthesis of 60 fe through studies of meteorites and ore formation.

  • liberty ship

    liberty ships were a class of cargo ship built in the united states during world war ii.though british in concept, the design was adapted by the united states for its simple, low-cost construction. mass-produced on an unprecedented scale, the liberty ship came to symbolize u.s. wartime industrial output.

  • parental leave

    parental leave, or family leave, is an employee benefit available in almost all countries. the term 'parental leave' may include maternity, paternity, and adoption leave; or may be used distinctively from 'maternity leave' and 'paternity leave' to describe separate family leave available to either parent to care for small children. in some countries and jurisdictions, 'family leave' also .

  • forest of dean

    the forest of dean, with its huge iron ore reserves and ready supply of timber, had been of national importance in the production of iron, using charcoal, for hundreds of years. despite the abundance of coal, it was not used to produce coke for smelting and local ironmasters were reluctant to invest in new technology, .

  • wikipedia:wikiproject guild of copy editors/backlog .

    the following event has concluded. please do not modify this page. comments should be made on the talk page. this copy editing backlog elimination drive was a one-month-long effort of the guild of copy editors to reduce the backlog of articles that require copy editing, signified with the tag.please make sure that you know how to copy edit and that you are familiar with the wikipedia .

  • wikipedia:featured article review/archive/january 2010

    sourced wenger's long service and being first foreign manager. removed best & worst manager by win percentage: it's an arbitrary choice of how to order managerial success, no idea how to briefly source it, and detailed figures are available at the main manager list. cheers, struway2 15:06, 6 december 2009 utc

  • wikipedia talk:wikiproject military history/archive 110

    the vågen explosion occurred on 20 april 1944 when the german ammunition transport voorbode, loaded with 120 tons of ammunition, caught fire and exploded at the vågen quay in bergen, norway at 08.39 least 98 people were killed, some 4,800 wounded, 131 houses were destroyed and 117 othere were so damaged that they had to be condemned.

  • economics of nuclear power plants

    fuel, operational, and maintenance costs are relatively small components of the total cost. the long service life and high productivity of nuclear power plants allow sufficient funds for ultimate plant decommissioning and waste storage and management to be accumulated, with little impact on the price per unit of electricity generated.