LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • full belly project

    full belly project. the full belly project ltd is a non-profit organization based out of wilmington, north carolina, which designs labor-saving devices to improve the lives of people in developing communities. their main devices are the universal nut sheller uns and the rocker water pump.

  • fonio husking machine

    the fonio husking machine was invented by sanoussi diakité, a senegalese mechanical engineer. diakité was awarded the rolex award in 1996 for the invention.. fonio is a staple crop in western africa.because the fonio grains are so small, their brittle outer shell is difficult to remove. 'for hundreds of years, african women have carried out the painstaking task of preparing fonio by pounding .

  • appropriate technology

    appropriate technology has been used to address issues in a wide range of fields. well-known examples of appropriate technology applications include: bike- and hand-powered water pumps and other self-powered equipment , the universal nut sheller, self-contained solar lamps and streetlights, and passive solar building designs.

  • plumpy'nut

    plumpy'nut is a peanut-based paste in a plastic wrapper for treatment of severe acute malnutrition manufactured by nutriset, a french company. removing the need for hospitalization, the 92-gram 3¼ oz packets of this paste can be administered at home and allow larger numbers to be treated.

  • africa–india relations

    africa–india relations refers to the historical, political, economic, and cultural connections between india and the african continent.. historical relations concerned mainly india and east africa.however, in modern days —and with the expansion of diplomatic and commercial representations,— india has now developed ties with most of the african nations.

  • appropriate technology africa

    appropriate technology africa is a christian organization which sells and promotes appropriate technology. ata provides technology to empower people in africa to make sellable end user products. concentrating specifically on the african market, ata has come up with appropriate, relevant, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet small business needs.

  • menafrivac

    menafrivac is a vaccine developed for use in sub-saharan africa for children and adults between 9 months and 29 years of age against meningococcal bacterium neisseria meningitidis group a. the vaccine costs less than us$0.50 per dose.

  • talk:peanut/archive 1

    certain cultures believe in medicinal properties of three lobed peanuts. specifically, the zoroastrians believe that god imbues each three lobed peanut with a week of luck for anyone that eats it. citation needed many filipino cultures believe that the three lobed peanut, if fed to a duck, will produce double-sized eggs suitable for super-balut.the three lobed peanut is known to be a hybrid .

  • plumpy'nut

    plumpy'nut is a peanut-based paste in a plastic wrapper for treatment of severe acute malnutrition manufactured by nutriset, a french company. 2 3 removing the need for hospitalization, the 92-gram 3¼ oz packets of this paste can be administered at home and allow larger numbers to be treated.

  • practical action

    practical action previously known as the intermediate technology development group, itdg is a development charity registered in the united kingdom which works directly in four regions of the developing world – latin america, east africa, southern africa and south asia, with particular concentration on peru, bolivia, kenya, sudan, zimbabwe, bangladesh and nepal.

  • cassie kozyrkov

    early life and education. kozyrkov was born in saint petersburg, russia, and grew up in port elizabeth, south africa. as a child, kozyrkov became interested in data when she discovered spreadsheet software and later became interested in the relationship between information and decision-making. she began her studies in economics and mathematical statistics at nelson mandela university at the .

  • technopole

    technopole refers to a center of high-tech manufacturing and information-based quaternary industry. the term was coined by allen j. scott in 1990 to describe regions in southern california which showed a rapid growth in high technology fields. this term now has a broader scope to describe regions worldwide dedicated to technological innovation.

  • path global health organization

    japanese encephalitis. path is working with india and other countries in the region to introduce an affordable vaccine to protect against japanese encephalitis —a disease the world health organization estimates claims 10,000 to 15,000 lives a year, mostly children, and causes permanent brain damage in many more.

  • afr100

    afr100 african forest landscape restoration initiative is an international partnership between african nations, financial interests both donor and business, technical organizations, and local interests which aims to restore more than 100 million hectares of land in africa by aims to have these efforts increase food security, combat poverty, and reduce the impacts of climate change .

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    this category is for stub articles relating to international development or appropriate can help by expanding them. to add an article to this category, use international-dev-stub instead of .

  • roundabout playpump

    the roundabout playpump is a system that uses the energy created by children playing to operate a water is manufactured by the south african company roundabout outdoor. it operates in a similar way to a windmill-driven water pump.. the playpump received heavy publicity and funding when first introduced, but has since been criticized for being too expensive, too complex to maintain or .

  • peanut

    the peanut, also known as the groundnut, goober us , or monkey nut uk , and taxonomically classified as arachis hypogaea, is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. it is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, being important to both small and large commercial producers. it is classified as both a grain legume and, due to its high oil content, an oil crop.

  • technogaianism

    technogaianism a portmanteau word combining 'techno-' for technology and 'gaian' for gaia philosophy is a bright green environmentalist stance of active support for the research, development and use of emerging and future technologies to help restore earth 's environment.

  • universal nut sheller

    the universal nut sheller uns; formerly called the malian peanut sheller is a simple hand-operated machine capable of shelling 50 kilograms 110 lb of , sun-dried peanuts per hour. citation needed it requires less than $10 usd in materials to make, and is made of concrete poured into two simple fibreglass.

  • peanut allergy

    peanut allergy is a type of food allergy to is different from tree nut allergies, with peanuts being legumes and not true nuts.physical symptoms of allergic reaction can include itchiness, hives, swelling, eczema, sneezing, asthma attack, abdominal pain, drop in blood pressure, diarrhea, and cardiac arrest. anaphylaxis may occur. those with a history of asthma are more likely to be .