LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • talk:belt mechanical

    chain drive; conveyor belt; screw conveyor; belt mechanical the first three simply aren't actuators. their function is not to generate a movement, that's merely incidental to their function of firstly replicating an existing rotation unchanged, or in the second and third cases, moving a bulk load from place to place. belt mechanical is less clear. there are indeed belt-driven actuators.

  • motor controller

    an electric motor controller can be classified by the type of motor it is to drive, such as permanent magnet, servo, series, separately excited, and alternating current. a motor controller is connected to a power source, such as a battery pack or power supply, and control circuitry in the form of analog or digital input signals. motor starters

  • talk:conveyor belt

    there is a difference between conveyor belt and belt conveyor. a conveyor belt is made of a tensile member steel or fabric and rubber or pvc covers. several variations including special protection systems are there.a belt conveyor is the entire system consisting of the conveyor belt, idlers, pulleys, motors, gearboxes etc.

  • idler-wheel

    an idler-wheel is wheel which serves only to transmit rotation from one shaft to another, in applications where it is undesirable to connect them directly. for example, connecting a motor to the platter of a phonograph, or the crankshaft-to-camshaft gear train of an automobile.. because it does no work itself, it is called an 'idler

  • rotary vacuum-drum filter

    however, a smaller design would be more economical as the maintenance, energy usage and investment cost would be less than a bigger rotary vacuum drum filter. over the years, the technology drive has pushed development to further heights revolving around rotary vacuum drum filter in terms of design, performance, maintenance and cost.

  • belt-driven bicycle

    a belt-driven bicycle is a chainless bicycle that uses a toothed synchronous belt to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel. the application of belt drives to bicycles is growing, especially in the commuter bicycle market, due to the low maintenance and lubrication-free benefits. belt drives are also available for stationary and fitness bicycles.

  • variable-frequency drive

    torque generated by the drive causes the induction motor to run at synchronous speed less the slip. if the load drives the motor faster than synchronous speed, the motor acts as a generator, converting mechanical power back to electrical power. this power is returned to the drive's dc link element capacitor or reactor .

  • operating point

    in the lower right picture the electrical drive ac motor moves a conveyor belt. this type of machine has a nearly constant counter-torque over the whole range of speed. by choosing the incorrect drive incorrect in size and type there will be three possible operating points with the necessary working torque. naturally the operating point with the highest speed is needed because only there .