LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

rotary slag recycling of precious metals

  • metals and recycling polymet solutions

    recycled lead is produced in either short rotary furnaces or a combination of reverberatory furnace and slag reduction unit. . from the production of pcbs; non-ferrous and precious metals containing shredder fractions and shredder residues .

  • rotary dross / slag metal reclaimers - didion international inc.

    didion rotary dross / slag metal reclaimers reduce large dross lumps to liberate and recycle metal slag in aluminum, brass, bronzed, grey, manganese, and .

  • metal extraction processes for electronic waste and existing - mdpi

    feb 19, 2014 . keywords: electronic waste e-waste ; recycling; pyrometallurgy; printed circuit boards . presence of precious metals pms in e-waste such as gold au , . iron and aluminum recovery is not easy as they end up in the slag phase as oxides; . kaldo, rotary and plasma arc furnaces are used for collecting .

  • bottom-blown oxygen converter - wikipedia

    the bottom-blown oxygen converter or bboc is a smelting furnace developed by the staff at . brm reported a decrease in the silver content of the bboc slag compared to the . this included a review of the available technology, including the top-blown rotary converter 'tbrc' , on which test work was undertaken.

  • recycling metals for the environment - columbia engineering

    attainable reality, even for precious metals where the incentive to recover value is . recycled annually during recovery of ferrous scrap and iron and steel slag. . oxidizing the organics in a co-current flow rotary kiln followed by a melting .

  • why should we recycle metals?

    recycling metals offers many benefits, including conserving natural resources, reducing emissions and creating new jobs. forbes reports that recycling metals supported over 450,000 jobs in the united states as of 2011, generating over $90 billion more≫

  • working draft in progress

    minimisation, recycling and treatment of process residues including . residues such as bauxite residue, spent pot lining, filter dust and salt slag and . rotary. aluminium, lead, copper, precious metals. scrap and other secondary, blister.

  • metal recycling facility - tceq

    nov 18, 2004 . lead and precious metals from materials such as tin and tin/lead drosses, . be prepared for introduction into a rotary furnace by shredding the . slag and baghouse dust generated from this process are recycled back into the .

  • gk live from the lab: slag recovery - youtube

    oct 14, 2010 . the ducta-sprue breaks down slag to recover precious metals for remelt or recycling. gk's rotary drum can also be used for dross .

  • hydrometallurgical recovery of metals from large printed circuit .

    sep 29, 2015 . the recovery of precious metals from waste printed circuit boards pcbs is an effective recycling process. . the beakers were incubated while covered on an orbital rotary . zhang, r., zhang, x., tang, s. & huang, a. ultrasound-assisted hcl-nacl leaching of lead-rich and antimony-rich oxidizing slag.

  • download - sms group

    recycling. figure 1 shows the state-of-the-art process of e-waste treatment according . on the production of the main metal e.g. copper , precious metals are often a . effective reduction work to maximize metal yield and generate a slag with . seven trust copper using a tbrc top blown rotary converter specially designed for .

  • integrated pollution prevention and control ippc . - prtr-españa

    minimisation, recycling and treatment of process residues including . residues such as bauxite residue, spent pot lining, filter dust and salt slag . rotary. aluminium, lead, copper, precious metals. scrap and other secondary, blister copper.

  • electronic scrap - an overview sciencedirect topics

    the precious metals in electronic scrap include gold, silver and some pgms, usually . 7 recovery of gold from the recycling of electronic scrap . a rotating cylinder electrode reactor rcer was therefore used to deposit lead . which affect metal and energy recovery, slag chemistry, flue dust creation, and off-gas quality.

  • spark of innovation - recycling today

    apr 11, 2012 . plasma smelting technology can be used to recover precious metals . of melting methods, including electric arc furnaces, rotary converters and so forth. . therefore, to prevent excessive buildup of slag in the furnace, the .

  • what metal is more precious than platinum?

    the element rhodium is more precious than platinum. according to the u.s. geological survey's 2010 summary of mineral commodities, the average price of platinum was $1,187. as of 2014, the world retailer of precious metals, kitco, lists the average value of rhodium at $1,442 per more≫

  • review lecture: metal recycling from scrap and waste . - jstor

    about ?200m and these include the precious metals, antimony, molybd enum and titanium. . the slag from the blast furnace is basically iron silicate fayalite con- . anode furnace which is essentially a rotary furnace equipped with burners at.

  • process for recovering valuable metals from precious metal smelting .

    apr 28, 2015 . smelt the precious metal smelting slag and flux in a top-blown rotary . treatment of lead anode slime in step c , thus realizing the recycle of .

  • recycling technology - aurubis

    multi-metal recycling with the kayser recycling system krs at the aurubis recycling . copper, nickel, tin, lead and the precious metals contained in the seven trust . in a top blown rotary converter tbrc the copper content is further enriched to 95 . metal and coin scrap as well as precious metal-bearing sweeps and slag.

  • recover precious metals from spent catalysts - sabin metal .

    sep 1, 2013 . precious metal-bearing catalysts, particularly those containing platinum . 3 the indirectly fired rotary kiln removes moisture and contaminants from spent . the slag is usually also processed further to recover trace metals.

  • what types of metal can be recycled?

    metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, brass, bronze, steel, tin and numerous precious metals are recyclable. metals unfit for recycling include mercury, lead and radioactive materials such as plutonium or more≫

  • top blown rotary converter tbrc - inprotec

    pyromet upgrade of silver from industrial and commercial recycling, . or neutral melting; pouring slag; fuming; conversion; oxidative refining; metal tapping .

  • recycling gold from scrap metal: process and equipment

    oct 3, 2017 . recovering gold from industrial waste; how is gold recycled from . this equipment is used for recovering metals from ashes, slag, clinker, .

  • recycling of metals from coatings - kpot

    nov 6, 2013 . methods to recover the precious metals from leachates include cementation, solvent extraction, adsorption on . competitive processes like rotary hearth furnace . layers formed in smelters are molten metal and slag.

  • flow studies for recycling metal commodities in the united states

    a. gold recycling in the united states in 1998. by earle b. amey . disposition of gold scrap . . in landfills or in slag at steel scrap processing plants. in recent .

  • ducta-sprue dross reclamation mill general kinematics

    the ducta-sprue dross reclamation mill liberates precious metals from slag and . rotary action abrades material to break apart and release slag, dross, and . for remelting while breaking down other impurities for recycling or disposal.

  • umicore - process - umicore precious metals refining

    our recycling operations are basically streamlined along two processes: the precious metals operations pmo focus on fast throughput and maximized . the blast furnace reduces the oxidized lead slag from the smelter together with high .

  • smartphone recycling feature chemistry world

    mar 20, 2017 . although smartphones contain a host of valuable metals, getting at them is the tricky bit. . there's gold – and other precious metals – in them there phones . into slag, which can be used for .

  • review of printed circuit board recycling processes

    precious. metal. scrap. main targets from pcbs are au,ag,cu and pd. however, pb and other . al2o3 are also contained in pcb. sometimes, it becomes a reason of difficulty of slag composition . rotary kiln furnace. mitsubishi materials .

  • current operations in smm's slime treatment - isasmelt

    through the years expanded its precious metals and by-products production. . chloridizing furnace. lead ------'l1l>i. dust to roaster. soda slag to te plant dust . automatic filter press and dried by a band dryer, and then charged to two rotary . there are other feeds which are materials recycled from the volatilizing furnaces.

  • metal recycling - international resource panel

    of gold and copper for shredding and the high recycling values if the pwbs are directly . sinks to the bottom of a rotating drum that lifts it to the top where it dis- charges . aluminium in weee on slag and metal properties in smelter . metal re-.