LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • l'oréal

    l'oréal s.a. is a french personal care company headquartered in clichy, hauts-de-seine with a registered office in paris. it is the world's largest cosmetics company and has developed activities in the field concentrating on hair colour, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care.. liliane bettencourt was principal shareholder until her death in 2017.

  • yuan dynasty

    in the proclamation of the dynastic name, kublai announced the name of the new dynasty as great yuan and claimed the succession of former chinese dynasties from the three sovereigns and five emperors to the tang dynasty.

  • military history of china before 1911

    the recorded military history of china extends from about 2200 bc to the present day. although traditional chinese confucian philosophy favored peaceful political solutions and showed contempt for brute military force, the military was influential in most chinese states. chinese pioneered the use of crossbows, advanced metallurgical standardization for arms and armor, early gunpowder weapons .

  • 19th century

    the first electronics appeared in the 19th century, with the introduction of the electric relay in 1835, the telegraph and its morse code protocol in 1837, the first telephone call in 1876, and the first functional light bulb in 1878.. the 19th century was an era of rapidly accelerating scientific discovery and invention, with significant developments in the fields of mathematics, physics .

  • mbda

    mbda is a european developer and manufacturer of missiles. it was formed as a joint venture by a merger of the guided missile divisions of airbus, leonardo, and bae systems in december 2001. in 2016 the company had more than 10,500 employees. in 2017, mbda recorded orders for €4.2 bn and an order book of € 16.8 bn.

  • kgb

    a time magazine article in 1983 reported that the kgb was the world's most effective information-gathering organization. it operated legal and illegal espionage residencies in target countries where a legal resident gathered intelligence while based at the soviet embassy or consulate, and, if caught, was protected from prosecution by diplomatic immunity.


    a presentation program analogous to microsoft powerpoint or apple keynote. impress could export presentations to adobe flash swf files, allowing them to be played on any computer with a flash player installed. presentation templates were available on the website. d

  • anglo-saxon art

    anglo-saxon taste favoured brightness and colour, and an effort of the imagination is often needed to see the excavated and worn remains that survive as they once were. perhaps the best known piece of anglo-saxon art is the bayeux tapestry which was commissioned by a norman patron from english artists working in the traditional anglo-saxon style.

  • talk:climatic research unit email controversy/archive 9 .

    you mean that powerpoint presentation filled with other's now discovered to be fake research? laughable. 05:39, 11 december 2009 utc we shouldn't be including an editorial commentary in an encyclopedia entry. it's also not clear to me how prominent she is on the global scheme of things, so it's difficult for me to say that she's .

  • george eastman

    george eastman july 12, 1854 – march 14, 1932 was an american entrepreneur who founded the eastman kodak company and helped to bring the photographic use of roll film into the mainstream. roll film was also the basis for the invention of motion picture film stock in 1888 by the world's first filmmakers eadweard muybridge and louis le prince, and a few years later by their followers léon .

  • fiftythree

    fiftythree, inc. was an american privately held technology company that specializes in tools for mobile creation and creativity. they were the makers of paper, apple’s 2012 ipad app of the year , pencil, a digital stylus, and paste, a collaborative presentation tool.fiftythree had offices in new york city and seattle. on august 21, 2018, wetransfer acquired fiftythree's assets and patents.

  • production line

    a production line is a set of sequential operations established in a factory where components are assembled to make a finished article or where materials are put through a refining process to produce an end-product that is suitable for onward consumption typically, seven trust materials such as metal ores or agricultural.

  • communist party of great britain

    tankie was a pejorative term referring to those members of the communist party of great britain that followed the kremlin line, agreeing with the crushing of the revolution in hungary and later the prague spring by soviet tanks; or more broadly, those who followed a traditional pro-soviet position.

  • justin welby

    justin portal welby born 6 january 1956 is the 105th archbishop of canterbury and the most senior bishop in the church of england. he has served in that role since 2013. welby was the vicar of southam, warwickshire, and most recently …

  • deng xiaoping

    deng xiaoping / ˈ d ʌ ŋ ˌ ʃ aʊ ˈ p ɪ ŋ /, also uk: / ˈ d ɛ ŋ-,-ˈ s j aʊ p ɪ ŋ /; courtesy name xixian; 22 august 1904 – 19 february 1997 was a chinese politician who was the paramount leader of the people's republic of china from 1978 until his retirement in 1992.

  • silent film

    this company dominated the industry as both a vertical and horizontal monopoly and is a contributing factor in studios' migration to the west coast. the motion picture patents co. and the general film co. were found guilty of antitrust violation in october 1915, and were dissolved.

  • economic history of china before 1912

    the economic history of china covers thousands of years and the region has undergone alternating cycles of prosperity and decline. china, for last two millennia, was one of the world's largest and most advanced economies. economic historians usually divide china's history into three periods: the pre-imperial era before the rise of qin; the early imperial era from qin to the rise of the song .

  • printing press

    a printing press is a mechanical device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium such as paper or cloth , thereby transferring the ink. it marked a dramatic improvement on earlier printing methods in which the cloth, paper or other medium was brushed or rubbed repeatedly to achieve the transfer of ink, and accelerated the process.

  • forced perspective

    forced perspective is a technique which employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. it manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera. it has uses in photography, filmmaking and architecture

  • history of vietnam

    the history of vietnam can be traced back to around 4000 years ago. archaeological findings from 1965, still under research, show the remains of two hominins closely related to sinanthropus, dating as far back as the middle pleistocene era, roughly half a million years ago. pre-historic vietnam was home to some of the world's earliest civilizations and societies—making them one of the world .

  • indigenous australian art

    indigenous australian art or australian aboriginal art is art made by the indigenous peoples of australia and in collaborations between indigenous australians and others. it includes works in a wide range of media including painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving, sculpting, ceremonial clothing and sand painting.