LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • python - efficiently using multiple numpy slices for random image .

    aug 17, 2018 . i would like to select a random 16*16 width x height crop of each of the 4 images . leverage strided-based method for efficient patch extraction.

  • gold extraction - an overview sciencedirect topics

    the effect of ph value on gold extraction for various ore types is shown in figure 28.4 . unleached oxidized gold-bearing sulfide feox inclusions in rock mineral particles . john o. marsden pe, in gold ore processing second edition , 2016 . a new ore, which represented only 14.4% of the mill throughput and contains .

  • hottest 'pyexcel' answers - stack overflow

    files 'file' .get sheet .process sheet data.. sheet. . to sum up. import numpy as np import pyexcel as pe a = np.array pe.get array file name='sheet1.xlsx' b .

  • zoo error: length time x == length by 1 is not . - stack overflow

    use the readinputs function in the same package evapotranspiration package to pre-processing your data and construct the input data. do not create input .

  • win32 execute a child process in the current console and exit .

    basically, i want to launch the child process, in the current console, passing along the . text x , va args ; exitprocess 1 // search each process in the . handle hsnap; processentry32 pe; threadentry32 te; dword id . thread in the parent process to achieve this, which is a whole new headache .

  • python multiprocessing: understanding logic behind `chunksize .

    po consists of python-internal overhead and overhead for inter-process communication ipc . . divmod x, y is a builtin function which returns x//y, x%y . x // y is the floor . since earlier versions of this answer, 'parallelization efficiency pe ' has . a new section will be created where only a single worker will be employed.

  • on what cpu cores are my python processes running? - stack .

    q: is it true that a python interpreter uses only one cpu core at a time to run all the threads? no. gil and cpu affinity are unrelated concepts.

  • towards representative metallurgical sampling and gold . - mdpi

    may 4, 2018 . this entire process can be particularly challenging in the gold . for new plants and expansions, in short- to long-term mine plans, and to make decisions in an . preparation errors pe in the sampling context are non-selective operations without change . x: expected application; x : potential application.

  • how to ignore the first line of data when processing csv data .

    84.1k○1717 gold badges○114114 silver badges○216216 bronze badges. 5 . for python 2.x use the following line to open the file instead of what is shown: . the new 'pandas' package might be more relevant than 'csv'. . import pyexcel as pe >>> data = pe.load 'all16.csv', name columns by row=0  .

  • mercator longitude and latitude calculations to x and y on a cropped .

    i think it's worthwhile to keep in mind that not all flat maps are mercator projections. without knowing more about that map in particular, it's hard to be sure.

  • is pex4fun broken? - stack overflow

    no matter which puzzle i load in chrome or internet explorer, the 'ask pex ' button results in some processing followed by 'done.' with no results displayed.

  • processstartinfo hanging on 'waitforexit'? why? - stack overflow

    epaga 32.7k○5151 gold badges○138138 silver badges○232232 bronze badges . if you wait for the process to exit before reading standardoutput the process can block trying to write to it, so the . process p = new process ; // redirect the output stream of the child process. p. . outputdatareceived = x; process.

  • what does 'pe' stand for after a name?

    when 'p.e.' is placed after a name, it indicates that the person is a 'professional engineer' and is officially certified by a state licensing board in the united states. only a person with 'p.e.' as a title can legally submit a prepared engineering plan for government more≫

  • parsing json with unix tools - stack overflow

    you could just download jq binary for your platform and run chmod x jq : . node -pe 'json.parse process.argv 1 .foo' '$ foobar.json ' bar. or any other .

  • mineral ridge scorpio gold corp.

    mining was suspended at mineral ridge in early november 2017. . the bunkhouse target is currently defined over a 150 x 450 meter area and . the qp for the estimate is mr. jeffery choquette p.e., an employee of hard rock consulting. . it is therefore recommended that scorpio gold construct the new processing .

  • gold mining exploration stock -- corcoesto gold project spain

    corcoesto gold mining exploration project - spain . the ni 43-101 compliant pea study was prepared by mr. alan noble, p.e ore . delivery of electrical power will be completed connecting a new substation to the . major equipment for the processing facility includes a primary crusher sized for 6,000 tpd 34' x 44' , .

  • recording live opencv processing on android - stack overflow

    i've solved a similar problem by creating a mediarecorder and passing it to a opencv camerabridgeviewbase , which i've modified as follows. protected .

  • how can you be a gym or pe teacher?

    the requirements for working as a physical education teacher include a four-year bachelor's degree in health, physical education or an equivalent major, knowledge of health and fitness, and an aptitude for teaching children. public school teachers are required to pass the requisite state licensing exam and hold a valid more≫

  • new gold inc. ngd stock price, quote, history & news - yahoo .

    new gold inc., an intermediate gold mining company, engages in the development and operation of mineral properties. it primarily explores for gold, silver, and .

  • how to control which core a process runs on? - stack overflow

    poundifdef 15.3k○1717 gold badges○7575 silver badges○121121 bronze badges . to do this in windows, use task manager, right click on the process, and . loading the state of the new thread, then switching back to user mode and . for example, if you told a process to start on core x, but core x was .

  • hottest 'rvest' answers - stack overflow

    rvest error in open.connection x, “rb” : timeout was reached . library rvest page <- read html ' loc=new york, ny, usa' page . pg <- htmlparse ' todas.dat' pg . a new tidyhtml package and then process the tidied version: library xml2 .

  • caledonia mining: a growing gold miner currently at a 3-4x pe .

    oct 30, 2019 . caledonia mining: a growing gold miner currently at a 3-4x pe . personally, this is the scenario that i expect the most and implies a return of 2.5x-4x. . caledonia will have plenty of cash available to develop a new mine.

  • global demand for gold is another threat for tropical forests .

    jan 1, 2015 . specifically, we analyzed the patterns of forest change in gold mining sites . bebbington a j and bury j 2013 subterranean struggles: new dynamics of mining, oil, . huete a r, didan k, miura t, rodriguez e p, gao x and ferreira l g . mol j h and ouboter p e 2004 downstream effects of erosion from .

  • 'ckeditor' new answers - stack overflow

    i think my problem was that my old config in the rte.ts from my typo3 6.x version was still loaded. i added this to my default.yaml: editor: processing: allowtags: - s .