LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill
LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill

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  • best way to grind corn to corn meal and grits chowhound

    for the vitamix, what's available is a dry grinding container with its own set of blades designed for making flour. it is very similar to the standard carafe and fits on in the same

  • best burr grinders cookware chowhound

    just telling it to 'go' and it grinding how much i want from a hopper is a huge deal to me. especially if the alternative is being fussy with a blade grinder to keep it from

  • machine washable spice grinders? cookware chowhound

    read the machine washable spice grinders? discussion from the chowhound cookware food community. join the discussion today.

  • is it ok to grind coffee the night before? chowhound

    they're about 3x that much now, but after using the beautiful, silent, indestructible machine for 12 years now, if i were a young person who loves good coffee i'd pay it. because

  • coffee grinder for aeropress coffee tea aeropress

    i use a blade grinder when traveling with my ap. it works quite well yet i don't use it at home due to the better grinders on the counter. i tend to grind pretty fine for the ap so the

  • best gadgets for grinding indian spices chowhound

    a lot of chowhounds regard a blade coffee grinder as an indispensable grinder for all spices, including indian dry mixes like garam masala. they dont take up a lot of space, are pretty

  • machine washable spice grinders? cookware chowhound

    i have an earlier version of this kitchenaid grinder, which is the only one i have seen that does exactly what you want. the base holds the moter, and the entire stainless steel cup

  • grinding salt in a vitamix or fancy blender? cookware

    i'm curious if you can 'grind' salt in a fancy blender like a vitamix? the coarse celtic salt is $5/pound. the finely ground is $10. from what i've read, celtic salt is

  • in search of affordable burr coffee grinders chowhound

    frustrated, fatbob wants to know if theres a good, durable coffee grinder out there for a reasonable price. it turns out that $50 is the entry level price for an electric burr machine,